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Percys Grow Room is a Cannabis Growers Forum. We have over 2500 members from all around the world, who all grow their own cannabis.

From beginners, to experienced growers, we all share our knowledge and experiences. Collectively, we make up one of the friendliest communities online.

As a member, you will enjoy regular competitions, where you can win free cannabis seeds and growing equipment. Along with that we have exclusive discount codes from some of the biggest brands in the cannabis growing industry.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Cannabis is easy to grow, and here at Percys Grow Room, you have all the help you need to learn how to grow your own. Supplying yourself with your own weed, will ensure you have a clean, safe product, that is free from pesticides and chemicals. Also, you will save money by not purchasing low quality marijuana from dispensaries or the unregulated market!

Percys Grow Room will take you step by step from seed to harvest with our cannabis grow guides. We have hundreds of guides on how to grow cannabis, whether you want to learn how to grow cannabis indoors, or outdoors we have the guides you need.

The best weed you will ever smoke, will be your own home grown! It is much easier to do than you think!

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We have guides on treating cannabis plant deficiencies, killing bugs, and preventing disease! No matter what is wrong with you plant, our guides will show you how to fix it, and our members can help you get your plant back to full health.

Start a Grow Diary

We have a huge range of cannabis grow diaries. A grow diary is a great way for you to keep track of your grow. It is also a good way for new growers to learn from your grow step by step!

From diaries of cannabis plants grown in organics, to hydroponics. From auto flowering diaries, to photo-period plants, and cannabis breeding diaries.

Start your grow diary now, and the members of our cannabis growers forum will make sure you get the best out of your grow. 

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The Benefits of Being a Member!

As a member of our cannabis growers forum, you will have access to discount codes from many of the biggest brands in the growing industry! You will also be able to take part in our competitions, where you can win cannabis seeds and indoor growing equipment!

Learn tips and tricks, from experienced growers, that will not only increase your yield, but increase potency, and quality of your crop.

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Percys Grow Room is simply the best cannabis growers forum online. We have a fresh, modern website, the friendliest members, and simple straight to the point guides to help you learn how to grow your own.

We have live chat, and our admin team is always ready to help you, and show you around the forum. Just ask for help if you need it. Sign up, and say hi, you wont regret it.

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Dutch Passion!

“We hope to support you for years to come, you are making a solid start in the industry. Maintain your patient, steady and productive pace and you will do well. ”
– by Dutch Passion – Nov. 2019
Dutch Passion

Awesome Site!!! is such an amazing site! I’ve learned so much, and continue to do so, every time I visit. Thank you for all of the effort that you put into it, and for sharing your knowledge!!! ”
– by Elissa – Oct. 2019
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