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The Home for Home Growers

Here at Percys Grow Room, we believe that everyone has the
right to grow their own personal supply of cannabis.

Let us know how we can help you!  


Join thousands of home growers and sign up to our cannabis growers forum the friendliest community on the internet! We have members from all over the world, with different levels of experience and grow styles.

Grow Guides

Learn how to grow cannabis from scratch, or share what your knowledge with fellow cannabis growers! We have hundreds of easy to follow, step by step grow guides, and over 40,000 posts written by our members.

Grow Diaries

Read from hundreds of cannabis grow diaries written by our members. From cannabis grows in soil, to full hydroponics setups, with huge variety of strains! Grow diaries are for members only!


Listen to our cannabis podcastHigh on Home Grown“. New episodes every week that cover grow guides, interviews, cannabis news, and much more. Information with a healthy dose of entertainment too.

How Can we Help?

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Sign up to Percys Grow Room and say Hi!

Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum and website, made by cannabis growers, for cannabis growers. It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up to the forum. Once inside, you will be able to chat live about cannabis with growers from all over the world!

You will also gain access to cannabis grow diaries, discount codes, competitions, but most of all, a sense of community!

Our site is secure and safe! We never sell your information to any third parties, and membership is completely free!

Percys Grow Room is not a site that is owned by a big corporation with profits in mind. This is a site that is built and owned by its community.

Cannabis Growers Guides

We have hundreds of step by step guides on growing cannabis. Each one has been written by experienced cannabis growers and members of our cannabis growers forum. You can read through the guides, and ask any questions you have in the comments!

With an active online community of cannabis growers, you will get answered quickly.

It doesn’t matter what stage your grow is at, you can always learn more. From the best ways to germinate cannabis seeds, to the best way to tell if a cannabis plant is ready for harvest.

Drying and curing cannabis, and also making cannabis extracts. Our grow guides have everything you need to learn how to grow your own supply of cannabis. With some guides on how to enjoy it afterwards too.

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Do You Need Help With a Sick Cannabis Plant?

Sign up to our cannabis growing forum, and tell us as much as possible about your grow, and what problem you are having! You will be able to get the answers you need quickly, and from an experienced grower.

From bug infestations on cannabis plants, to nutrient problems, and snaps and breaks. We have thousands of members who are ready to help you out, at anytime. Become part of the community and you can ask questions to experienced growers, and get good, reliable answers.

Most of all, you will not be made to feel bad for your cannabis plant problems! We understand that nobody wants a sick cannabis plant, it isn’t done on purpose. We want to help you fix your sick plant, so you can enjoy growing with less stress to you and your plants!

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Why Become a Member?

Being a member of our cannabis forum has a lot of benefits. The main, and most important, is you will be part of a community. Make friends with other growers, and share your ideas and knowledge. 

Everyone who has signed up to Percys Grow Room has seen an improvement in the yield of their crop, the potency of their buds, and a sense of belonging too. 

Discount Codes

We have discounts codes for cannabis seedbanks, LED grow light manufactures and the best grow tent companies too. 
Just by being a member of our cannabis growing forum, you will save money on cannabis seeds and equipment!

Win Prizes!

There is always a competition to enter on Percys Grow Room! Win cannabis seeds, merchandise, paraphernalia and equipment for growing cannabis at home!

Our cannabis competitions are always fun to be involved in, and there is always a good chance of you winning a prize!

All of this is free!!!! You will never have to pay for membership at Percys Grow Room.


Meet the Team

macky zoom


Site Admin

A grower in all mediums with over a decade of growing experience. Author for many cannabis websites and magazines, and a creator of cannabis content.

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Monkey Do

Site Admin

A coco growers from the USA, with many years gardening experience. Cannabis pipe manufacturer, who is always friendly and happy to help all growers learn more.

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Zombie Nation

Forum Admin

Soil Grower from the United Kingdom, and our go to guy for electrical safety and advice. A builder by profession, he knows all the tips and tricks to build a safe grow room.

temple logo

Temple Grower


A living soil, organic grower from Canada. TG is a personal cannabis growers consultant and helps many medical cannabis patients grow their own supply of sustainable, organic medicine.

green beard logo2

Green Beard


GB grows in many mediums, such as coco, and living soil. A true cannabis enthusiast who knows everything about the newest and best equipment for growing cannabis.