Guides to Growing Cannabis

The Basics of Growing


Germination is the first step in your cannabis grow. Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds properly, by following the guides in this section of the forum. These guides on germinating cannabis seeds, will increase your chances of a successful germination. If you need any help or advice with germinating cannabis seeds, ask for help in here.



Vegetation is when a cannabis plant grows stems, branches, and leaves, but no buds or flowers. Usually, during vegetation, a cannabis plant will be topped and trained, before being "flipped" to flower. With good training, and growing techniques during vegetation, you can increase the final yield of your grow massively. Learn how to get the best out of your cannabis plant in veg, in this section of the forum.



Flowering, is when a cannabis plant grow its buds, that are also known as flowers. In these guides on flowering cannabis, you will learn how to increase the yield of your grow, how to reduce the chances of bud rot and mould, and how to get the best quality of our your flowers. Find out what food a flowering cannabis plant should be getting to get bigger buds. All right here in this section of the forum



Harvesting a cannabis plant can be the most rewarding time of your whole grow. But harvesting your plant too early will affect finally quilat and yield, and leaving it too late, can increase your chances of rot and mould infecting your buds. Find out the best ways to harvest your cannabis plant in this section of the forum.


Drying & Curing

Drying and curing your harvest correctly, will bring you top quality cannabis. Dry too quickly, and the crop could be ruined, dry to slowly, and you could risk rot or mould infecting your buds. Learn how to dry and cure cannabis properly with these guides on drying and curing. Don't underestimate how important this stage of your cannabis grow is. Getting it right, will bring you the best quality cannabis.


The Basics of Growing

Here you can learn the basics of growing cannabis. We have easy to follow guides on how to grow your own personal supply of cannabis. Learn more about how to grow in this section of the forum, and if you need any help with your grow, feel free to ask for advice here.
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Welcome to our beginners guides to growing cannabis.

Here you will find a collection from our grow guides that are for beginner growers. These guides will take you through the basics of growing cannabis.


Guides to Growing Cannabis for Beginners

Before you begin to grow, you should understand the basics, here are some simple guides to help you

Guides on Equipment for Growing Cannabis

Here are some guides on what equipment you need to grow cannabis. To see more guides related to grow room equipment, click on the more button below.

Cannabis Plant Nutrients Guides

When you are first starting to learn how to grow cannabis, plant nutrients, and what plant food to use, can be confusing.
Here are some guides to help you make the right decision, for what nutrients are best for your grow setup.

Our Cannabis Plant Nutrients guides will also explain why your plant needs certain elements, and what it will use them for. This will help you feed your plant the food it needs, at the right time.

Guides on Germinating Cannabis Seeds

The majority of people who grow cannabis for personal use, will grow their cannabis from seed.

Cannabis seeds germinate very quickly, and as long as you have used the correct methods, a seed should be “popped” and growing a shoot above soil with in one week after germinating it.

Be patient, follow these guides and you will improve the chances of a successful germination.

The Vegetative Stage

Before a cannabis plant can grow flowers, it must go through the vegetative stage. This is when a cannabis plant grows leaves, branches, and stems to prepare itself for the flowering stage.

These guides will help you through the vegetative stage, and help you grow a plant that is able to support many big buds when flowering comes

Post in the Forum and Ask for Advice

Here is the forum section where new grower can ask for help and advice. We all started learning somewhere, if you have a question about growing you would like answered, then you can post in this section of the forum for help.

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Guides on Flowering Cannabis Plants

The flowering stage of a cannabis plant is when it begins to flower, for a female cannabis plant, this mean buds.

It is important to give you plant the right environment, and diet, during the flowering cycle. Here are some guides to flowering cannabis plant that will help you get the best out of your harvest.

Guides on Harvesting a Cannabis Plant

Harvesting a cannabis plant at the right time is crucial to getting the top quality and potency out of your crop.

Don’t waste months of work by harvesting your cannabis plant too early, the guides will help you harvest your cannabis at the best time.

Guides for Drying And Curing

The final stage in your grow, is drying and curing. The work isn’t over just because you have harvested. Knowing you to properly dry and cure cannabis, will take flowers that smell like grass, and turn them into smooth tasting, pungent buds.

If there is a guide you would like to see written here, then let us know! Contact forum admin through private messaging, or use the contact page to message site admin.