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Grow Diaries

This is our grow diaries section. In here you will find cannabis grow diaries, in many different mediums. If you are starting a new cannabis grow, then why not start your own grow diary here. Running your own diary, is not only a great resources for you to look back on, but it is also a great way for new growers to follow in your footsteps, and grow their own cannabis. Learn how to grow cannabis from our grow diaries, and help other learn by starting your own.
Grow Diaries
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Welcome to Percys Grow Rooms, Cannabis Grow Diaries. This section of the site is for members of our cannabis growers forum only!

If you would like to view any of these grow diaries, or even find a mentor, to guide your through your grow, sign up, and get started!

Start a Cannabis Grow Diary Today!

The members of our cannabis growers forum have all found an improvement in yield, quality, and potency of their grow, by becoming a member and starting a cannabis grow diary.

By communicating, asking questions and offering advice, our members work together, to benefit each other, and work hard to bring these diaries to fellow Percy Growers. We appreciate every single one of them, thank you to each and every one of you!


Starting your own Cannabis Grow Diaries, will do 4 things:

1: Keep a record of your grow, so you and other growers can come back to it in the future, for reference purposes. There will be growers in the future, learning from your grow!

2: Experienced cannabis growers and members of our forum can watch over you, to make sure you’re getting the very best out of your grow! This way, you can avoid problems , and prevent any potential deficiencies that may arise.

3: Award your with forum bling! We have a selection of awards for forum members. You receive the black Grow diary when you start your diary, and upon completion, you will have it upgraded to gold.

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How to Start a Grow Diary

Simply head into the grow diares section of our forum, and start a new topic. Give as much detail about the start of the grow as you can. Maybe check out past diaries from other members to get an idea of a layout, or see our grow diary template page for help.

Cannabis Growers Diary Template

To get the best start to your cannabis grow diary, you should first of all, copy our grow diary template:

Cannabis Grow Diary Template

Highlight the text, and copy it to your clipboard. Then you need to move into whatever cannabis grow diary section you need, and start a new topic. Then paste the template into the text box and fill out as much as you can

Where to Start a Cannabis Grow Diary

We have a whole section designated to cannabis grow diaries in our forum. They are separated into sections to make it easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Pick which section applies to you, head there, start a new topic, and paste the template into it.

Fill in as much as you can, and then post it, someone will be with you right away to welcome you to our community.

Diaries for Cannabis Grows in Coco

Coco is one of the most popular grow mediums for growing cannabis. We have many experienced coco growers here at Percys Grow Room, and we are all eager to help you get the best out of your grow.

To head into the coco section, just click here ( Coco Grow Diaries ), start a new topic, and some one will be with you soon!

Diaries for Cannabis Grows in Soil

Growing cannabis in soil can be versatile. There can be organically grown cannabis crops in soil, or salt based.

Whatever method you’re going to choose for your soil grow, start your grow diary in this section of the forum. Click here: Soil Grow Diaries

Diaries for Cannabis Grows in Hydroponics Setups

Though, coco is considered hydroponics, you will find coco grows in another section. This section is for full hydro set ups such as growing in DWC, NFT, flood and drain, and similar systems.

Just start a new topic, and post the cannabis grow diary template into it. Click here: Hydroponic Grow Diaries

Autoflowering Cannabis Grow Diaries

If you are going to be growing autoflowering cannabis plants, then this section is for your diary.

It doesn’t matter what medium you are growing in, if you’re growing autos, start you grow diary in the Autoflowering Grow Diaries Section..