Cannabis Plant Infirmary

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     Cannabis Plant Infirmary

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Cannabis Plant Infirmary

Welcome to the cannabis plant infirmary. In this section of the forum, you will find guides on fixing cannabis plant deficiencies, killing bugs, and find general diagnosis of cannabis plant problems. If you have a sick cannabis plant, post a picture of your plant, with some information about the grow in this section. We can help you get your plant back on the right track.
Cannabis Plant Infirmary
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Welcome to Percys Grow Rooms Cannabis Plant Infirmary. Here, you can find guides on diagnosing, treating, and preventing many cannabis plant problems.

Whether you have a hungry plant, are bugs have invaded your grow room, you will find a grow guide here to help you fix the problem.

The important thing to remember when treating a sick cannabis plant, is proper diagnosis. If you need help diagnosing what is wrong with your plants, then enter a post into the infirmary section of the forum.


Here is a list of common cannabis plant deficiencies. Each picture here is downloadable, and printable for future reference.
Click on any image to go to a full guide on diagnosing and treating a cannabis plant deficiency.

Excess and Toxicity

When you overfeed a cannabis plant, it can suffer with excess and toxicity. It is always better to under feed a cannabis plant, than over feed one.
If you think your plants are suffering with nutrient excess, then here are some guides to help you fix the problem, and prevent it from happening again

Common Causes of Plant Problems

Identifying and Treating Bugs on Cannabis Plants

There are many bugs that will try to eat your cannabis plant. The key to treating any bug infestation is correct diagnosis and treatment.
Clean the grow area, clean the plants, and find out how the bugs got to them. Then find out how to treat the bugs here

Pesticides for Killing Bugs on a Cannabis Plant