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Guides to Drying and Curing Cannabis

Our Guides to drying and curing cannabis, will help you get the best out of your grow! Correctly drying and curing your cannabis will bring out the best in flavour and smell of your buds.

Therefore, it is a very important that you take your time and don’t rush it. As a result, your cannabis will be a clean, smooth smoke.

Every cannabis grow guide in our drying and curing section, is written by experienced growers and members of our cannabis growers forum. If you ever need advice, or have any questions, sign up, we are always happy to help!

How to dry a cannabis plant

Water Curing

Washing your buds for a clean harvest

How to avoid Bud Rot

Ideal environments for drying cannabis

Covering the smell of a cannabis harvest.

How to cure cannabis after harvesting

How Drying and Curing Cannabis Works

Long Term Storage of weed

Best containers for curing cannabis

How to ” Dry Trim” cannabis