Cheap Home Grow

Cheap Home Grow

Here at Percys Grow Room, we have many friends in the 420 community around the internet. Cheap Home Grow is a Cannabis Growers Podcast, designed specifically for Percy Growers.

We like to work together with other cannabis related websites and companies, because this brings the best information to our users. Cheap Home Grow has regular episodes on many different cannabis growing techniques, and styles, from experienced cannabis growers from around the world.

Our forum admin ” Macky” has featured on an episode with the host, Shane McCormick. You can listen to this episode here:

Hydro VS. Growing Organically. Learn and Understand which one is right for you

This is the first episode that Macky has recorded with Shane, and we hope there will be many more in the future.

During this episode you can listen to a discussion on growing cannabis with, organics, or DWC. And which one is the right medium for you.

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Cheap Home Grow is a podcast designed to get new growers, on a low budget, growing their own medicine! As a result of the guides on our cannabis growing forum, and the information in these episodes, you will be growing the best cannabis, easily, at home.

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So, go, subscribe to their youtube channel, and download their podcast from any one of the top podcast networks like Itunes, stitcher, and many more. We have to support each other in the cannabis growers community. If you like the content you find on Cheap Home Grows Episodes, please do follow them on their social media pages, and subscribe for future episodes. Doing this, will massively increase your chances of growing top shelf cannabis at home. Also, of course, it helps CHG expand, with more listeners!

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