Diaries of Weed Grows

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In our cannabis growers forum, we have a section specifically made for diaries of weed grows. Our grow diary section is made up of grow journals written by members of our weed growing forum. Each one goes step by step through a cannabis grow. Explaining what equipment was used, what medium, what nutrients and much more.

You can follow these grow diaries to help you start growing your own weed. And of course you can always sign up and ask for help from the grower themselves.

Only members have access to our grow diaries section. You must be signed in to see the content of each dairy!

Our cannabis grow diaries section is broken down into different parts, to make it easier to navigate. If you would like to start your own grow diary, then sign up and post in the grow diary section.

If you are completely new to growing, and would like to be mentored through your grow, then the student section is perfect for you.

Get a Mentor for Growing Weed

Learning how to grow weed can be difficult. There is a lot to learn in the early days, and there is no doubt you will make many mistakes along the way. By getting a mentor for your cannabis grow, you can avoid making new growers mistakes, and get a healthier crop. You will be guided step by step by an experienced grower, in your preferred medium.

Even if you are completely new to growing, and you don’t even know what equipment to buy, you can still get help. We can help you learn how to grow, from scratch. That means know nothing about growing, and having no equipment for growing cannabis either.

We all start somewhere, and signing up to our weed growers forum, and starting a Student Diary is the perfect place to begin

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Diaries of Weed Grown in Soil

Soil is often the first place people begin to grow their own weed. In some cases it can be a lot easier than any other grow medium. It is less time consuming, and takes less equipment to set up a soil grow. It does have some bad points though. If your cannabis plant growing in soil shows signs of deficiencies, it can be more difficult to fix, than hydroponic mediums like coco.

Learn from weed growers who grow in soil. Find out what type of soil is recommended for growing weed. Follow the instructions week by week from seed to harvest. We have new diaries start all the time, sign up now, maybe the next one can be yours.

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Soil Growing Diaries

Here is a list of grow diaries of cannabis grown in soil that you can read right now on our forum. Sign up if you have any questions, and feel free to start your own.

  • My little seeds. Glueberry OG x Romulan Kush
  • Cherrygasm Time!
  • Twisted1 Grows
  • QQNPK early 2020 grow!
  • Soil from the woods!

Diaries of Weed Grown in Coco

Coco is one of the most popular mediums for growing cannabis indoors. It has great drainage, easy to feed, and easy to fix problems if you have any. It looks like soil, but is treated as a hydroponic medium.

Growing weed in coco can be simple and straight forward. It takes consistency, and routine to keep a plant happy in coco. In our diaries of weed grows in coco, you will see what kind of level growers feed their plants. You will also find out what nutrients are best for cannabis in coco, and see the end results of the grows.

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Coco Grow Diaries

Here is a list of grow diaries of cannabis grows in coco. All of the dires on Percys Grow Room are written by members of our weed growers forum. You can ask the grower question anytime, simply by commenting on their thread.

Diaries of Weed Grown in Hydro

There are so many different ways to grow weed in hydroponics. From DWC ( Deep water Culture), NFT, and Ebb and flow setups, there are so many different variations. Growing cannabis hydroponically will take more equipment and knowledge than growing cannabis in soils. You need to have some experience, or have done some research before you start your grow

Our diaries of weed grows can help you learn to grow your own weed in hydro. Though set ups might change a little between themselves, the principle are the same. Of course you can ask for help on any grow diary by commenting on the thread.

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Hydroponic Grow Diaries

If you are looking for what hydroponics set up to grow weed in, then these diaries can help you. Start your own diary and get one on one advice from a mentor in our live chat, and on your diary thread.

  • Dok.Gonzo’s Kush Bomb
  • rwdc indoor grow ??
  • DWC Auto Flower
  • Blue Rhino (bag seed) DWC with LED

Diaries of Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Autoflowering strains of cannabis are becoming more and more popular amongst growers. They are easy to grow, and you can have many autos at the different stages of growth, in the same grow tent. Some growers will grow a mix of photoperiod cannabis plants and autos. Some growers prefer to grow just autos, or just photos. The choice is yours.

Check out some of the diaries of autoflowering weed plants. You will see if they are right for you and your grow room. We also have guides on how to grow autoflowering cannabis plants. So if you would like to learn more you can always look there.

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Autoflowering Grow Diaries

Here you will find a collection of our autoflowering grow diaries. They will differ in medium, and more concentrate on the strain of the plant. In these diaries you will be able to see how well autos can grow, and how easy it is to grow your own weed.

  • Dutch-Passion Cindy Jack Comparison Grow #TeamVault
  • Malana bomb,Strawberry nuggets, Purple kush
  • Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG in Coco
  • Cobra Autoflower Breeding
  • Multi Autoflower Micro Grow

Start a Weed Grow Diary of Your Own

Whether you are absolutely new to growing, or whether you’re a well established grower, you are welcome here. People do not just come here to learn, they come here to share their own knowledge and experiences. Start a grow diary, not only so you can learn, but other members can learn from you too.

All of our grow diaries are for members only. You have to be signed in to view any of this content, it is not available to everyone. Sign up is free, and easy, and we have one of the friendlist forums on the internet.

Join us now and become a Percy Grower. You wont regret it.