Does Playing Music to Your Plants Help Them Grow?

Does Playing Music to Your Plants Help Them Grow?

May 14, 2019 19 By percysgrowroom

Well, you’re probably here because you have heard this rumour somewhere. But how much of a rumour is it? Does playing music to your plants help them grow?

With cannabis growing, there are many different ways to grow, and so many different opinions on everything. Some people will swear their plants saw a massive growth spurt when they started playing music to them. Maybe some growers will even say that certain types of music had different effects.

For example, classic rock, or riff based guitar music and hip hop, made their plants grow, whilst, whiney pop ballads killed them within 24 hours….. these stories are not true, and are biased by the grower. What does the science say?

Music and Cannabis Plants

Many studies have been done to find out if playing music to plants will increase their growth rate. They all find the same thing, yes, it does.

Plants have a far more complex nervous system than most people realise. They can hear, feel, smell, and essentially see, by detecting where light is coming from and growing towards it.

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It’s not just music that has been shown to increase the growth rate of cannabis plants, but many sounds will. Nature is an amazing thing, and many things are still not fully understood. But studies suggest that plants communicate with each other via vibrations.

Sound waves are just vibrations, our eardrums convert vibrations on a membrane into electrical signals to our brains, that then make sense of those vibrations. The same may be said for plant and trees.

Sound and Plant Evolution

Studies have shown, that some sounds will switch on, or turn off certain genetic characteristics in plants. Studies suggest, that a plant can detect when it is being eaten by insects. It will then signal to the plants nearby there is a problem, and the plants react to it.

They may slow down growth, to preserve energy, or increase immune defenses to deter the pest attacking. This kind of behaviour makes sense biologically, and evolutionary. But, the studies still havent been done to a proper scientific standard.

Final Thoughts on Playing Music to your Plants

So, does playing music to your plants help them grow? It’s still hard to be sure. Plants definitely seem to respond to sounds and vibrations, but not specifically to music, and certainly not to a specific genre of music. If anything was going to make a difference, it will be giving your plant the sounds of wilderness.

Breeze blowing through the trees, rain, birds tweeting, natural sounds. The idea of growing cannabis indoors is to simulate the perfect environment for a cannabis plant to grow. Why not add some extra sound effects and see if it makes a difference to your next grow. If you do try it, please let us know the results!

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