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The Basics of Growing Cannabis

Grow Guides

Here is a collection of guides to help you learn how to grow your own cannabis at home. We have guides on germination, all the way up to harvesting, drying, and curing your cannabis. If you need any help with your cannabis grow, then ask for help in this section of our cannabis growers forum.


Cannabis Plant Infirmary

Welcome to the cannabis plant infirmary. In this section of the forum, you will find guides on fixing cannabis plant deficiencies, killing bugs, and find general diagnosis of cannabis plant problems. If you have a sick cannabis plant, post a picture of your plant, with some information about the grow in this section. We can help you get your plant back on the right track.


General Discussions

For general discussions, start a thread here. Talk about stoner movies, the best music to listen to when high, or your favourite tv show to watch when you're baked. You can also ask questions about growing cannabis, smoking cannabis, or using cannabis as a medicine. Join in the discussions, start a new thread now.


Grow Diaries
Grow Diary Template
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Feb 17
Feb 17
rwdc indoor grow 🇨🇦
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Dutch passion 20% off
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Jack Herrer Grow Diary, by Macky
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General Cannabis Growing
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Organics (1 viewing)

Organics is a growing method where no chemical based nutrients are used throughout the grow. All nutrients are naturally sourced, and feed to your plant without the help of any chemicals. This is said to bring a cleaner, higher quality product to the user, and is the preferred growing style of people who grow cannabis for medical use. Learn more about growing cannabis organically in this section of the forum

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TempleGrower's Organic Superso...


Advanced Growing

For some growers, advanced growing techniques can be intimidating, and scary to try. In this section of the forum, you will find guides that will teach you some advanced cannabis growing techniques that will improve the final yield, flavour and quality of your harvest, and also show you that it is easier than you think. Expand your grow skills, and check out some of the advanced growing techniques

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Runoff EC analysis


Growing Outdoors

Growing outdoors is one of the best, most natural ways to grow cannabis. You can easily grow cannabis cheaply, and organcilly, when you grow outdoors. These guides will help you choose the right time to plant your cannabis plants outside, and many different ways to keep your outdoor cannabis grow safe from pests, and thieves.

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Best Strains for Growing Canna...


Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis extracts are becoming very popular. There are many different types of cannabis extracts, each have different processes of extraction, to bring a different type of extract. Learn what different cannabis plant extracts look like, how they are made, and how they are used, in this section of the forum.

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Cannabis Corn Chips Recipes


Medical Section

This is the medical section of the forum. It is used to help people who want to grow cannabis for medical use, or people who want to learn how to make cannabis extracts for medicines. If you need help with your medical grow, growing cannabis for medicines, or need advice on starting a medical cannabis grow, then ask for help in here. Also, if you are a medical grower, and you can offer advice to fellow cannabis users, feel free to post in here too.

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Competitions and Giveaways


Here you will find competitions for members of our cannabis growers forum. We have many opportunities for you to win free cannabis seeds, right here in this section. From plant of the month, to random prize draws and contests. There is always a competition open that you can enter. Have a look, and see what you can win in our cannabis growers competitions.


Friends Around the Web

Percys Grow Room has many friends around the web. From seed banks, to magazines, we like to keep our circle open and work together with cannabis related companies. Together we can work harder towards legislation, and bringing safe sane access to clean cannabis, to more people by teaching the how to grow their own cannabis. Here are some of the companies we work alongside in the cannabis community.


We have guides to growing cannabis, cannabis grow dairies that cover growing weed in hydroponics, soil and coco. Find the help you need, by either, using the search box, or asking for help in the forum.

Our cannabis growers website also has competitions where you can win free weed seeds. As a member you will also have discount codes for cannabis seeds, and LED grow Lighting.
Our Cannabis Growers Forum is for educational purposes and we encourage our members to check their country of residence legislation before germinating a marijuana seed.

This site is here because we want to help you grow your own cannabis for personal use. Therefore, any member who is suspected of growing cannabis for commercial gains will be banned immediately.

Please read our forum rules, and enjoy the site.

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