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We've got some big news for you guys, although, I must admit i'm a bit late announcing, we have a brand new seed website!

Towards the end of March we replaced our rather outdated online seed shop with a brand spanking new one. We poured so much energy into it over the last year and we're so pleased it's out there for people to enjoy and we're so excited to invite you over to it Smile

Our new Cannabis Seed website

We do have a blog with the full rundown of changes but i'll summarise the important ones here:-

  • Brand New Categories - with such a huge amount of seeds available, each with their own characteristics we concentrated on streamlining our categories. We revamped the old ones and added some new ones such as fast flowering seeds, high thc seeds, beginner seeds etc.
  • Seedfinder - For the same reasons above we made this. It helps you get to the seeds you need way quicker!
  • Upgraded Filters - Who has the time for endless scrolling of feminised or autoflowering seeds? Not us and not you! Go to any category page and you'll find fully upgraded filters, we are still improving these so if you have any suggestions please do let us know.
  • One-Page Checkout - Getting through the checkout process on the old website a bit like a gauntlet. Now it's all on one page and completely streamlined for a swift and secure transaction. We still have world-wide fully encrypted credit card processing.
  • Stock - Our stock levels are way more accurate now and are working in real-time which means what you see is what you get.
  • Accounts - We've updated our account system which has many improved features especially compared to the older website. We didn't take any accounts across from the old website to the new one because it was much safer security wise just to ask people to make a new account, so whilst it might take a few minutes to make a new one you can be rest assured your info is locked down tightly.

Your 10% exclusive discount code PERCYS10 is still active too!

We'd really love to get your feedback on the new website, good and bad, feel free to message me directly, give us a call or of course post here Smile

Massive love to the PGR family, thanks so much for all your support!


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Posted : May 17, 2024 12:44 pm
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Nice!! The site looks great as always mate, you guys have always had an epic website. Something there for everyone, keep smashing it!Β 

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Posted : May 17, 2024 4:11 pm
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