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Questions Found Out I Have Thrips

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Good afternoon.

Long time listener first time caller. Grateful for the wealth of information I have learned listening to HOHG

So I've got an infestation of thrips. Looking back through my notes I believe I have had them for a few rounds. I have applied mosquito bits to soil, blue sticky mats on top of soil and yellow sticky pads hung from ceiling. I have good airflow, AC Infinity T6, 2 non oscillating 6" fans, SE5000 inside a 3x3.

Soil is happy frog w/ perlite, vermiculite, worm castings, epsom salt, blood meal and bone meal added. In 5 gallon nursery containers that hold a little over 3 gallons of soil.

Im finishing this one and holding off on starting new seeds to treat all my soil after harvest. I know to spray in veg as a part of an IPM I want to begin next round. So late in flower I don't think I want to risk spraying anything or bud washing that might risk mold if not dried properly.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Have a good one!


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@mmmbacon Welcome to Percys man, thanks for listening to the show Smile Thrips are a bastard but youre doing the right things to get rid of them. Check out this guide, it will help:

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These bad boys here will make a nice buffet out of those thrips.Β  They will also eat almost all pest that eat our plants Smile

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