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Fungus Gnats :>

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Hi guys, here we go again - another day another problem.

So i have fungus gnats, i killed around 10 of them in last 2 days. Tomorrow i'm going to get some yellow sticky traps i increased air flow at bottom pots what else could be done ?

Plants are flowering, its day 33 i have fabric pots, its very hot and high humidity. I think i was watering coco to often - once per day and bottom was always almost wet but they are not standing in water at all. 


Please guys help again.. and if someone can explain to me what i did wrong  Crying  

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I replied to your DM but I’ll share the same here for others to see. 

First of all DON’T PANIC lol. I say that because most new growers think this is the worst, but if you have to get one pest, gnats are the easy one. Mostly they bother you far more than the plant but in severe cases they can slow down the growth, be a horrible mess and I’ve heard in extreme cases could kill a seedling. A biological control is available and I use it with 100% effectiveness.

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These mosquito dunks have a biological toxin harvested from bacillus thuringiensis israelensis bacteria. This naturally occurring material is toxic to the larvae stage of fungus gnats and mosquitoes but not to other plants or animals. This is a targeted approach aimed at one specific pest. I float the “dunk” in my water for a day or more before I water the plants. The donut is transferred from one bucket to the next one and last me the entire grow. The larvae ingest the toxin and it paralyzes the digestive system and so it can’t feed and it will die. No babies, no new adults.

Second option is to put a small fan blowing directly on the surface of the media. As simple as this sounds it works! I use small computer fans for this as I don’t want too much air moving down there which can dry the leaves out and cause other problems. Gnats are poor fliers and the wind is a deterrent to their flight. The air also helps dry the top layer of the media faster and that helps control the larvae that live in the soil. Keeping a dry layer on top the soil helps avoid gnats, they don’t like dry, but avoid starving the plants of moisture and remember that coco works best if it stays wet so watering a minimum of once daily with runoff is recommended. Whatever your course of action the plants health should always be a priority.

Hope some of this helps

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Thank you again Smile

I hope i can buy this in local store before it get worst.. 

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@monkeydo might try these too


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