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New Growers Neem oil concentrate

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Percy Grower
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Hey guys,

I found the "How to make Neem Oil" grow guide, awesome guides btw Macky!

So I ordered the Castile soap and what I thought was 100% Neem oil. 

I may have been super relaxed when ordering, delivery arrived today of Neem plant spray (Our Concentrated Neem Plant Spray contains certified Organic Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed) 85% and Organic wetting agent (15%).

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So its got something for emulsification already in the concentrate, is the castile soap of any further benefit?

The bottle inidactes 10ml per Litre dilution, whereas Mackys guide used 4ml per Litre.  

Curiously they also sell a 100% Neem Oil product which is what I meant to order, that also states a usage rate of 10ml per Litre. 

Do we think 4ml is still OK for this solution or should I use it at 10ml?


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@brewer76 I have burned my plants before using neem.  im sure i mixed it too strong.

May be best to start with the lighter mix. but whether you use the 4% or 10%  start by testing it on a small area first just in case.

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Percy Grower
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@brewer76 It is great advice when working with something new, less is more. Castile soap 🧼 is a binding agent for the neem oil, as oil and water don't mix. Castle soap is safest for plants. 

Also not as a spray but for non hydro mediums and a short compost tea added few hours at end of a 3 to 4 hr mixed, works really well for Black Insect Frass. Been trying that not as spray but with feed only 2 to 3 times per run and really helps naturally with pest prevention.



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