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Symphylans... Neem Oil?

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Morning All, 

Found a couple of Symphylans on one of my plants this morning.


Not sure if it was just an isolated case but if not will Neem Oil spray work with these? 


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Probably mate, even if it doesn't kill them, the smell will discourage them from staying.


Are you sure that what you saw? or is this a pic from google? looks a bit springtail ish, just a bit long. If you have springtails then there is no need to be concerned they are good for the medium, and wont bother the plants. 

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Thanks @macky
Not 100% sure mate. I noticed it this morning and then by chance I was researching organic soils and someone had posted that picture of the Symphylan and it looked exactly like the thing I had seen. 
Just looking at the Springtails now and although it definitely looked more like the Symphylan I can’t be completely sure. I’ll hold off on the neem oil for now then and see if I can spot anymore and get some pictures. 


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