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Off Topic Jeff Lowenfels "Teaming with" series.

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High All, I have picked up some new reading materials in anticipation of a new soil grow I am planning. Now if I can remember right I heard a past HOHG episode where Jeff recommends which order to read his books as its not the order they were published? Wondering if anyone can help on this, or let me know what order you'd recommend reading them in. I currently have "Teaming with Microbes" revised addition and "Teaming with Nutrients" is on the way. I plan to pick up "Teaming with Fungi" and "Teaming with Bacteria" soon. I will be taking my time going over each book so my ever wondering mind can try to retain as much of the information as possible. That's why I believe it may help me to read them in a specific order. I do not want to just blow through the series to the end.  

-Terp out.

Posted : May 26, 2023 8:30 am
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