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How's it going every one iv been planing out an idea I thought of a couple years ago I want to hear people's thoughts and ideas as well as it's something I'm fully invested in. 

I'm based in the UK and as things have slowly gotten worse the more IV though back to my idea,

I want to create a self sufficient cannabis society,non reliant on city or government run life only known by members where people can live and be happy for a change,I understand it's a massive challenge but it's possible, my thoughts are buying land building a few small buildings to start have some sort of base the start out with then Progressively build as more members join,it won't be advertised in any way and should be on a trusted if you know you know policy,we don't need to go massively but have it as some where where few live but many visit we could hold meeting and events for medical patients have cannabis news and updates where it's safe and secure from invasion or laws,I'm not trying to take the law into my own hands by any means I just want to live freely and as safe as possible and think if we could achieve something like this on the down low we could make a positive impact for cannabis in the UK and its users 


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Posted : January 5, 2022 8:36 pm
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