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Calling all Rosin Experts

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I'm brand new to the forum but not to smoking and growing Smile

I have been out of the game for a long time and recently jumped back in again, due to corona virus, prices sky rocketed for flowers/rosin/edibles

I have been looking when I finish cropping, looking at making my own rosin. Now I have done it before with hair straightners but this time, I want to be able to do it on a much larger scale, so that I have enough supply for myself. However, this is where things are getting a bit sticky. I am confused by yields and the amount of machines on the market available and there costs. I am in UK, so we can't get half of the machines we can in the UK and if we can get a machine, I have seen them going for upto $5000, which is way out of my budget.

I did stumble across the Qnubu rosin press machine but I'm not sure which to go for and which would be suitable for my needs. I am looking to produce enough rosin for myself, now to sell or anything.

I found the 1 Ton Press & 20 Ton Rosin Press Machine.

First machine is this;

Second machine is;


I like the look of the 20 tonne rosin press but at same time, it would be at my absolute top end of my budget but I don't wanna spend that much, if it doesn't produce what I am looking for. Same time, the manual aspect of things, I can't be bothered with but it's well within budget but not sure if I would regret not getting the 20 tonne press.

So confused right now :-S

Has anyone used any of these rosin presses and can shed any light on them and best temps, etc.

Any recommendations or advise would be appreciated.

Posted : July 12, 2020 3:50 pm
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I have seen good rosin presses go for around £250 mate, think we have some in a guide:

How to Make Rosin Take a look at that guide and see if it helps you mate. Let me know if you have more questions Smile

When it comes to yield, you're extracting oils and resins, leaving plant matter behind. So your yeild is around 15-20% of what you press. 

So if you put 7g of weed, with about 20% thc levels, youll get about 20% of the seven grams back, which is about 1.4g of rosin 

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Posted : July 12, 2020 4:06 pm

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