Fukens Guide to Making Shatter  

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Ok, this is my take on homemade shatter.  Basically follows the same principles as above but with a few tweaks from personal experience. 

This is “The Bomb” 

Rule #1 Do this in a well ventilated area like outside. One spark from your static shirt or some dumbass lighting a smoke will go boom. I mean even your coffee pot turning on will light butane up.


One end is pvc glued on with a 3/32” hole drilled through, this is the end to wrap your filter around the out side and secure on with rubber band,the other end has a hole just big enough to fit your butane, about an 1/8”.

I use two Pyrex dishes. One big enough to fit the other in. The big one is filled with hot water but not boiling and the other is placed on top of the water to float  

One can of butane is enough for one ounce of product. You can try and get more outta two cans but one is enough. 

Grind up your product and place into bomb. Firmly place the top on. Put gloves on as butane gets frosty cold. Hold on extremely tight to the top lid and bomb as the pressure is gonna get big, just hold on tight u don’t want it blowing back. Push your butane can into the hole and release into the bomb while holding over top of the floating Pyrex dish. It will take a few seconds for product to start coming out the other end but when it does, start evenly distributing the product over the dish.

After your done disgard the crap in the bomb and move your dish to a hot plate to warm up so you can scoop onto some parchment paper. Use the time on the warming plate to pop any gas bubbles but do not over heat, just warm it up so u can spatula around.

Now it’s time for the vacuum purge  

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dont cheap out on these,  I did and mine didn’t last. This handy machine will suck out all the leftover butane and make your product do some funny shapes too.The longer you purge the different end product you get. Shatter-pull n snap- wax-crumble. I’ve only made the shatter and taffy shatter.  Once this is done your good to smoke and heal your pains. 

End note...... don’t use nothing but decent product. “You can’t make chicken salad outta chicken shit.”  Sure you can make something alright and smokable using sugar leaves and bad tasting bud, but concentrates is all about bringing out the terpenes for taste and isolating the thc off of the plant for the perfect high. The vacuum purge is essential, yes you can do with iso but there is still much leftover residue, so imo the purge is a must have for shatter. Just stick to iso extracted oil till you buy a vacuum.  If you need me to post a easy oil extraction post I can do that too.

This is just a version I have used, of many ways to skin a cat. Be extremely careful, this shit can flash fire boom faster than you think. 

As soon as I can find a cheap press, that does at least an ounce and doesn’t cost $2k, I will be switching to live rosin as it is solventless and so delightful!

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Posted : August 5, 2019 5:47 am
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great post Fukentokin, great info for people who want to learn how to make some very potent cannabis extracts 😎 

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Posted : August 6, 2019 6:48 pm
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For sure man, it was left as a comment on a thread, so i moved it to its own topic, good work man! 

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Posted : August 6, 2019 6:55 pm

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