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Questions [Completed] Advice on my auto please 🙂

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Please can you comment on the health of this plant.  It's a green crack auto and is 10.5 weeks since being cracked.   It started life outside, and was brought inside recently.  As this was never the plan, had a canopy height issue, so almost laid this one on side so it was similar height to my other plants.    


I've noticed recently a few leaves are going pale.  Is this what I'm hoping for as it goes further into flower and runs out of nutes?

I really don't think it's over or under watered, I was giving it half doses Canna Boost and PK until recently but last time just PH'd water.    The paler leaves seem to be on the side which is more under the light?   I don't think it's a heat issue as its around 1ft from the light, and all other plants are doing great under there, even though much younger.  they are all raised up off the ground so are at the same height.


Thanks in advance

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From the way it's growing mate it looks like the pale leaves were getting the least light could be that could be the start of a nitrogen deficiency also leaves do start to fade towards the end of flower 

Norman-nebosh Topic starter September 11, 2022 6:32 pm

Cheers mate.  I'm right in thinking I don't really care about nitrogen def now?  Best to just let it fade as you say.  I'll check the light, but i think those ones are on the side that's getting the most light.   that said, they are at the bottom of the canopy

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