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Questions [Completed] Algae on coco

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Hi all

I've got two 11 day old Barney's Gorilla Zkittlez autos in 9l air pots and I've been feeding them twice a day with the GH Flora Triple nutes. 

Over the past couple of days I've noticed green algae growing on the surface of the coco. I've scraped it off but it's come back. Do I just need to let it dry out for a day or two or will it be ok to leave it? 

I've hopefully sorted a Cal deficiency with a calmag foliar spray so now I'm onto the next issue!

Thanks in advance

Screenshot 20211230 223505
Screenshot 20211230 223515





4 Answers

Just increase the air flow to the top of the medium mate, that'll help it dry quicker between waterings. Nothing to worry about though. It happens 

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Hi mate the algae won't affect your grow if it bothers you just cover it from the light source after you have watered I used to get a bit of cardboard rip a line down the centre to about have way through and slot it in to the base of the stem to cover the top of the Coco and it'll go 👍


Algae wont hurt your plants, because of the frequency I feed and the type of nutrients I use I tend to get a bit growing on the outside of the pots and on the perlite, never been an issue for me. However that being said it can and often does mean the top of the medium is staying wet for extended periods of time, whilst the algae wont effect the plants what tends to come with wet substrate can, keep an eye out for fungus gnats as the conditions for plants and algae to thrive are the perfect conditions for fungus gnats. try keep airflow even across the canopy to at least dry the top of the coco out and it should help prevent any nasties taking hold. 

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Cheers Macky! How's the T break going? Not long now mate!

Macky Macky December 30, 2021 11:22 pm

Done it mate, vaping the Mighty now and then. Not everyday like, havent hit it today, but had some yesterday. More like when I feel like it rather than feeling like I need it Smile

Juffle Topic starter December 31, 2021 7:18 pm

Nice mate, it's good when it's a bit more of a choice rather than a necessity! I've got my eye on an Arizer Solo 2 after using the Pax 2 for the last few years. Vaping is the way forward.


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