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Questions Are these ready to flip?


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Only my 2nd grow but I've learnt a lot from my mistakes, and this site! I think these are ready to flip to flower but not sure, 6 1/2 weeks in veg but they are looking big and healthy.

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Hi mate welcome to Percy's, lots of good friendly folk here to help new growers. If you can attach a picture that would really help. But six and a half weeks is a good length of time to veg the plant for, don't forget that the plants normally stretch during the first few weeks of flower, so be prepared for it to grow by at least a third. 

Look forward to seeing your grow mate🤛

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Thanks, I posted a photo 5 hours ago but it's awaiting moderation so hopefully it'll show up soon.

Wow what lovely plants, they look ready for flower from where I'm sitting! Best of luck I look forward to seeing the results🤛


They look ready, shouldn't be a problem. Does the heater stay on at night with that red LED light shining? You'll want to cover it somehow if that's so. Just sayin, it's easy to over look and it will cause problems. Looks ready to flip. Good luck, hope this helps. 😉          Peace


Thanks for the advice, heater does stay on so I'll get the light covered. 

Hey @SusieQ, Glad your here and that we can help. If you start a Diary here and fill in the details as to what your using etc.. then it will be easier to help you with advise. Wink   So no biggie, just wanted you to know. I hope this helps. 👍 

If you need any help getting started just give a shout out and someone will help you. Have a great day.              peace


Hi @sisieq, welcome to Percy’s. If you’d post a picture we can better assess the condition and make recommendations. Technically you can flip light cycles anytime.

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Sorry I thought I had, 1st time posting so not sure what I did wrong!



Thanks for your patience Suzy, the admin team were in an interview and this got lost in the recent posts thread, all approved now and you'll be able to post freely Smile

Welcome to Percys Smile Plant are looking great!

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