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New Growers Are these trichomes ready?


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Hey everyone, I could really use some help with this. To me they look cloudy enough to harvest but I cant find a single amber trichome. Under certain light some still look a bit clear... is it too early to harvest these?

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 Thanks for you help!

3 Answers

There's certainly cloudy ones there There would likely be nothing wrong with harvesting it now but if it was my plant I would probably wait another week and see how it looks then. How long has it been in flower?

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Almost 10 weeks, I started this grow without all the proper equipment and now I've got a few plants outside my tent that I was hoping to put in once I harvest these. 


it's not worth harvesting these too early but it would be nice to get the other ones under the light before they get too far along. Outside they struggle for light...

Yea I know what you mean mate, I would thought it would be a good enough smoke the way it is now because there's hardly any clear trich's there.

So if your desperate to get your other plants under the light that would likely be the way to go. Someone else will likely be along soon with sugestions so I wouldnt go in there swinging the axe just 😉 

Thank you, its a hard judgment call to make so I really appreciate your input. I'll give this post some time and see what everyone thinks. 


Generally speaking harvesting before ambers appear usually gives a more energized high as opposed to having lots of amber is more couch lock. There are some exceptions here but the rule works most of the time. Are you looking for more up or more down? It's all personal preference brother.

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Usually I prefer energizing but I'm not picky. If the only difference in harvesting now would be the effect, than I'd prefer to harvest now and get my other plants outside to take their place in the tent.


I've harvested when they've all been cloudy mate and have had some really nice smoke. It's nice to let the ambers show through but if you've gotta chop em, you've gotta choose em! What strain is it mate? 

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This strain is Fortune Cookie by Humboldt seed company. I'm also growing some sour diesel from them too.

When I got these seeds I had no idea what I was doing. I just asked the budtender what would grow well outdoors in my area and ended up with these two strains.

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