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Question Auto flower revegged??????


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So some weird stuff has been happening with one of my auto it's just the the one the rest are fine but new bud sites have popped out the top of the main buds and it's like they've started flowering again there's no trichome coverage on this new growth and the bottom of them are almost done I'm thinking it could be an issue with light intensity possibly but I've never had this before and it's the same strain next to it. potentially a weird mutation of some kind I don't know anyone experienced this before what did you do I'm thinking of snipping them off 

IMG 20210910 195651
IMG 20210910 195620
IMG 20210910 195538
IMG 20210910 195558
IMG 20210910 195610


2 Answers

It's called foxtailing and don't worry about it too much. Some strains are prone to it and others get it from environmental stresses or it sometimes happens near the end of life.

We just smiled n waved sittn there on that sack o seeds

Maybe but normally when Ive had foxtails the bud just forms weird like little fingers stretched out of it but it's still just bud this is a hole new stem with newly formed budlets on top 

Just for a visual representation this what I've known as foxtailing the pictures from Google

BL foxtails 1



I see, probably a phenotype trait. I'd let it grow see what happens, but that's me. 😎 

We just smiled n waved sittn there on that sack o seeds

It's definitely getting let to finish as there's not long left however I might chop the new bits off as they are not going to amount to anything

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