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I have a lemon auto from seedsman started on 12/12 from seed. It is in week 5 and showed pistils week 4. I had it in with a photoperiod after culling a herm. Because it was a cheap strain, I wasn’t all too worried about yield. I harvested the photo and now I have lots of room for more autos. Is there any way I can gradually increase the light to 18/6 or 20/4 without reveg or too much stress? Or will the root hitting bottom keep it in flower? All input is appreciated and good luck growing.

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Re-vegging should not be an issue. Autos should not be effected by day length but a sudden change in daylight hours might stress it and if the strain has the tendency, it could hermie. I did this light increase suddenly once without knowing anything better and it worked fine but now I’d make the increase gradual over some days to better avoid the possibility. I’m sure others will have opinions too.

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From experience, do it gradually, don't slam it with a massive light hour increase from one day to another. If you want to increase the light hours increase it by 2 hours a day after each dark period, so once the lights go out add an extra 2 hours to the next light cycle and repeat every second day till you hit your desired light hours, will take you about a week but decreases the stress portion of it greatly, and you dont have to worry about reveg, if its a true auto it wont reveg but may herm if you jump from 12/12 to 18/6 - 20/4 overnight. 

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I don't have an answer from experience but you don't have too much time before flower as you know. If it were me I would start adding 1-2 hrs a day.

I don't know if suddenly jacking it up would affect her or not? It would depend on how strong she is and how fast she's growing atm. She may not even blink.

Good luck man.


I grow autos all the time but in all honesty I don't know the answer to this for certain but auto flowers are on a time line and will flower at a certain time regardless of light cycle I don't want to give you a yes or no answer because I don't want to be reason to fuck up your grow but I do not think it will reveg your plant I think a few people will be scratching there head on this one 


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