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So hello again 

another question 

I’ve grown maybe 2-3 autos when autos weren’t like they are today.

Tiny things that didn’t produce much so I never really bothered with them if I had one in my veg room it was because I was behind with the phots/regular plants I had  in the flowering room.

so what’s the deal with transplanting them.

I see many posts were many folk put them straight put into 5 gallon pots

(18-22 litres )

I know autos don’t like stress still my mind switches between how roots grow when there are In smaller pots and working your way up till the final home.

so witch do you like/prefer and do you think that working up in pots yield's more or less.

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@Mix, I don't know about soil but if you have a health plant that's growing strong, auto or not it will handle a slid out of one pot, and a simple slip into another. Do it nice and easy and she won't even know it. I'm guessing.

I like to tie my auto's up till they cry for help, but that's me! lol  Just do what you think is right, you've been around the block. Good luck man  👍 


I transplant everything, including autos. Mine start in solo cups and after a week or two, when roots appear out the drain holes, they go to their forever pot. Just don’t leave them in the tiny pots too long of it could cause root stress and initiate early blooming. I wouldn’t recommend fabric pots because they can damage the roots on unpotting for transplanting and damaged tap roots will lower the yield.

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I transplant mine, I start them off in small 0.5L pots, when they grow a little they go into their final pots which are 30L of organic soil. Pretty simple, you just gotta try not to disturb the roots too much during the transplant. Any stress will reduce the size of the plant  and the overall yield

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Iv only grown one auto so far but I started off in a pot about the size of a coffee cup, mainly bacause thats what I do with photos AND the small pot is far easier to work with for the first week or two compared to a 15 or 20 litre pot, it's not so easy to pick one of them up with one hand, not without some porridge first anyway 😆

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