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Hey what’s up guys. Some of the buds from my last harvest were left in a small jar that once held herb from the dispensary. So it wasn’t sitting in the sun or anything and it hasn’t been hot or anything like that in az like high 70s but it turned brown and it’s not dried or anything and is still green on the inside does any one know why that is

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Hey mate, a few things can cause this, the most common of which is leaving in a jar and not burping, it will over time cause the bud to degrade and essentially rot. If you are getting an ammonia smell from them throw it away and don't smoke it, if you aren't getting any rot smell and it is just browning off it could be the bud super curing and losing the chlorophyll, if the jars are not 100% airtight this is the most likely reason. Way back in the days of old this used to be very common in strains like acupulco gold etc that was sun dried and left in bales, usually it will be slightly harsher and have an almost tobacco look to it. Unless you are getting that ammonia smell and can see visible mold I wouldn't be too concerned but still a good idea to do a thorough check before smoking it. I remember getting a chunk of brick weed once that looked like this and it was fine just golden brown instead of that nice lush green we are used to seeing as curing and storage has improved over the years. 

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Over time the chlorophyll can degrade causing the bud to brown.  If it's been in the jar for a while thats probably what it is, it should still smoke nicely and some people prefer that age!   If it was over a very short period of time it could be a drying issue.    Hope this helps!  😀

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Cool thank you


Any time!

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"Be excellent to each other."
-Abraham Lincoln- kinda

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