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Hello and merry Christmas I’m new to the community... I’ve been growing for a year now and I would like some advise for next year... I’m an outdoor grower in a not so legal country but I live in the farm lands away from people. I found my self loving the experience but I was very dissatisfied with the amount I harvested as I only supplied myself for about 3 months as I am a heavy smoker from Africa where it’s cheap as dirt and now I’m in Europe and it’s hard to support my love/habit not to mention the quality difference . Anyway enough of my rant... I need your advise on what to do as it’s winter I have 9 hours and 37mins of sunlight... I have seeds...and my supply is drastically low what do I do to get herb as fast and soon as possibly...I don’t have access to many funds but I am making my own organic compost I’m not sure where to go from there...can I micro grow outdoors with photo periods? 


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Yes mate, you can.... but the season has to be warm enough, winter is too cold really and you have to wait for spring. Then you would have to use some kind of light deprivation to make the light cycle 12/12 too. It wouldnt be easy but it is doable. 

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Frosty Fire Ant Frosty Fire Ant Topic starter December 25, 2021 4:31 pm

Awesome thank you so much! how warm would it have to be to start? because Winters aren’t too bad where I am minimum temps don’t really drop below 5 Celsius I hope...would i have to wait all the way till March for 12/12? 

Macky Macky December 25, 2021 4:36 pm

The plants dont like it very much under 18c mate, and will potentially stop growing under 15c, but some strain will go as low as ten...... maybe a heated green house is an option for you? 

Frosty Fire Ant Frosty Fire Ant Topic starter December 25, 2021 5:41 pm

 I have a cheap led 250 watt light it says white but looks seems more blue red... I grew 2 very small pants off of it early on in my journey, do you think I could start earlier with that and take them  outdoor in spring? Thank you so much again for your expert  advise 


They make some pretty cool blackout tents that would allow you to control light cycle outdoors.  That may be a route to go for ya to save the hassle of making something that may leak light.   Good luck, it can be done.  Just more work. Smile

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Frosty Fire Ant Frosty Fire Ant Topic starter December 28, 2021 12:09 pm

Thank you I’ll be on it! 

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Ok so if I sort out the heat situation can I still microgrow while the sun is still climbing? What will happen will they just grow very slowly? And the intention would be to black them out once they reach 12 12 in March 

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twisted1 twisted1 December 28, 2021 2:05 pm

If you can get the environment where they need it and provide some supplemental lighting to give them the needed hours of light to prevent flowering. i dont see why you couldnt do this.

Frosty Fire Ant Frosty Fire Ant Topic starter December 29, 2021 4:17 pm

Thank you for the help really appreciate it I wish you a bountiful harvest in the new year my fellow stoners 

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