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I’m not sure what Ppm really mean but mine. Are ranging from 1798-4092 my plant buds seem like they are not growing  I’m like 7 weeks in flower what should I do

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Macky Macky March 22, 2022 3:46 pm

Looking very frosty there in pic 1..... have you checked the trichomes yet Misher? 

PPM means part per million, and it tells you how much food is in your water essentially. But EC is a better system to use as that is more accurate. Flushing is ok to do do to reduce the ppm/ EC if it is too high, and giving them a flush before harvest for around a week is common, its up to you. 

Let us know how the trichomes looks and we can come up with a plan from there Smile Also, what is the ppm of your feed, and then what is the ppm of the run off coming out of the plant after you feed them?

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If you read into these plants you'll see that,

They are a good green color, which is very important. Shows they are healthy. 

Your in week 7 of flower, so am I. Mine and yours too are done now with growing in any way. So don't expect them to do any more good shit. They will swell their buds a bit more but that's it. 

Your method of measuring PPM is incorrect cuz there's no way in hell that you would have that high of a PPM and not have 1 Claw leaf. Your leaves are saying they are at a good feed rate and haven't been burnt with nutz.

Posted by: @misher21

I’m like 7 weeks in flower what should I do

There's nothing you can do and if you try something you might make a mess. Leave them be and just keep doing what your doing. They are slowing down and will come to a complete stop here sometime, so don't try to stop them. 

Your plants didn't reach full potential because of different reasons. It could have been not enough strong light. Too many leaves removed. Improper feed rate, but regardless they have reached their end, (almost there), and they look good for their condition, IMO.  This is grow #1. Wait till you see grow #2!!  talk to Ted Drews. 😀 


Another reason to use EC over PPM, PPM has two scales and if you use the wrong scale it can lead to errors or confusion.

Also— technically, true PPM can only be checked via chemical analysis, so the testers we typically use are still measuring EC and converting to a PPM #.

So stick with EC IMHO.  

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One thing that really stands out is your lack of leaves. I’d guess that you have been doing a lot of defoliation on these. The leaves, both fan and sugar leaves, are the only source of energy for your plant. There is a ton of false bro science out there that says your buds won’t grow unless they are in the direct light so people pull off most of the leaves, then the plant starts starving and struggles to make it to the end and the buds don’t fatten properly. Buds really don’t need direct light on them to fatten up but you do need lots of light on lots of leaves to get the energy to make buds. When I first started growing a commercial grower explained to me that you don’t want any direct light passing through the plant. The light should be stopped by the leaves of the plant. If you are letting the light through you are essentially wasting money you spent to make that light energy. Additionally, all the energy that the plant used to make the leaves that are stripped off is also completely wasted and the plant gets very little benefit from all that work. I’d recommend you go more much more lighty on the defoliation next run but for your questions, yes you can flush in flower if need be but those buds won’t fatten up like you want without some canopy providing the energy to do so.

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