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How's it going people hope everyone doing good,

IV cut and dryed my Tropicana kush it's been in a jar for 3 days and today as I went to burp it I got a wet grass type smell from it like, it's completely dry but unsure of why it smells the way it does is there anything I can do in order to get it to smell right as when I crack a bud it smells potent and delish but when the jar first pops it doesn't at all 


is there leaf still left on the buds mate? That can often do it, either way thats the chlorophyll, and it will break down in time Smile Just give it chance. IT can smell a bit shit when it first goes into jars but it disappears after a week or so in most cases 

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Wicked wasn't sure if I was fking it up just leaving it to do its thing other then burping but no there's no leaf or anything like that just nugs but n1 for the reassurance lol I'll update you in a couple days time Thumbs Up  


Just keep burping and rotate the buds around the jar.  


You could get some of those cheap hygrometers off ebay, and will give you an idea how the humidity is in the jars.



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I got a bigger jar and found a new place for them to go I'll let everyone know how I get on in a couple days but hopefully this fixes what ever was going on lol thanks for the input everyone 

Keep it poppin


I screwed up by having too wet of buds in the bottom. Maybe shake them all out once just to make sure there's no clumps.

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Doing better then it was still not the cracked nug smell but it don't smell like grass no more lol like a fait weed smell but we she'll see over the next week or so,all the bugs are dry and in the bigger jar so hopefully I'll have results by the end of the week 

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