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Deficiency or abuse...
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Questions Deficiency or abuse?

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A few days back we had some pretty big weather hit with some strong wing gust of about 90kph+. This thrashed the guts out of my criticals who were outside getting some windy LST ironically. 

After being blasted they were very wilted and I put them in the closet to recover for a couple days before taking them back outside yesterday.

During recovery they started to get paling on the true leaves. 

Is it a deficiency or abuse? Not sure how to attack a problem that


I'm not sure what the cause was


 In this pic you can see how the wind damaged the leaf against the wooden spoon


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4 Answers

It is a little hard to see due to the strong sunlight, but it sure looks like nitrogen deficiency to me. It is a mobile nutrient, and the plant will take it from the lowest leave first, and send it to the growing tips.  If it were me, I would give it a light feeding and see if that stops the progression of the yellowing from bottom to top.  Hope that helps!

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Probably a touch of both mate, then again it is the lower first leaves so i wouldnt be too concerned about them anyway, keep an eye on if it continues around the plant for now though give them a touch more nitro in their feed and let them do their thing. 


I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.


Looks like the poor things had a kick in lol

A gentle feed and some loving they will be fine.


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Ok so it's moving up, next set of leaves now dying off.

I've had so many variables to consider I decided to go back and start from the beginning looking at the pH to begin with as due to our biblical floods the water quality isn't stable to say the least, then moved on to adding a 1/4 strength of nitrosol to budge the N. Now I watch and document.

Soil is slow to transition and all I can do for now is wait a few weeks and see where this all has landed

Screenshot 2022 12 01 14 44 26 30
Screenshot 2022 12 01 14 44 03 69
Screenshot 2022 12 01 14 43 41 08


"There I go.
E-type flow."

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