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Questions [Completed] Did I chop off too much on my second topping??

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I just gave my plant her second topping and I ended up cutting off both growth shoots….am I screwed, or will it recover properly. The strain is Strawberry Cough from Dutch Seeds. See before and after pics below. 

IMG 8651
IMG 8650
Philmebowls Philmebowls November 30, 2023 3:54 pm

@spookydave I had to screen shot & zoom in your photo but it looks like it should be ok and recover. It’s unbelievable how resilient these plants are .

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They will be fine mate, not too much at all Smile

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It will be just fine, you will get four tops.


You'll be doing this every time soon.

Lousy Tourist


Looks like it should be fine brother 😎

I have a couple questions 🤔

How old is this plant?

Is it an auto? What’s the deets 😜

are you trying to grow small?

I usually wait till after node 4 ( not including the first single leaves ) to do the first top and then if I second top, I wait till those branches have at least 3 nodes and I make sure I have plenty of space to pinch or cut it off. 

I have had it where I went too soon and ended up fimming the top. Some people like that but I do not. Makes my top messy 🤷‍♂️

keep up the good work brother! Love your plants 😎

~ Johncarlson21

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