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Questions Dolomite lime.

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When I tested my water with a calibrated ph meter it came out as 7.2–7.4 depending on if it’s sat. 

I had previously tested it & it was 6.5 however looking back the pen might not have been calibrated right.

I’ve 3/4 of ph down left & clumsy shaky hands I was thinking Dolomite lime anything I should know about Dolomite lime before I go buy it or am I better with ph down & a ph of 6.5 in soil than the neutral 7.0 Dolomite lime would give in soil.

Take it not to overuse it.

lernt to ask after my de experience.

BubbleHok BubbleHok November 22, 2021 9:20 pm

Hey mate, dolomite lime is better used as a soil amendment to adjust the PH. Most PH down if not all is a citric acid based thing so a drop of lemon juice will do the trick if you run out of the store bought stuff, Dolomite lime will do the opposite and neutralize acidity. 

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I didn’t fully understand Dolomite lime hence worth asking.

I had a load of citric acid from my distillery days I just threw away as it’s out of date.

cheers bud it’s not that hard just a pita 😆



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