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[Solved] Ecothrive Lifecycle etc?


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Hi all, 

Anyone else using Ecothrive products? I've got 4 plants using just lifecycle, Biosys and recently Charge, but after doing plenty of reading I think my 11l pots are too small. My next crop will be 30l pots. 

I think I heard Monkey talking about it on the podcast a few weeks back, but I've slept since then!

I never know how much to water, I'm doing about half a litre each pot every other day as I don't want too much run off.

5 Answers

11l definitely too small and will need liquid feed to finish flowering or small and frequent top dressings.

30L should be fine if using biosys and charge. I use 30L and have managed with 25L too but the bigger the better generally speaking for 'living' or 'super' soils.

You can also topdress just before flowering with life cycle.

Re watering: follow the 5-10% rule

Water at a rate of 5-10% of the pot size you're using,, eg 0.5 - 1L  for a 10L pot / 1 to 2 L for a 20L pot and so on ..

This is a guide and will also depend on plant size in the pot / how hot environment is / what phase of growth plant is in, but will cover most situations without under or over watering occurring.

Run off less desirable in soil, a touch is ok but unnecessary. 

Tip: place drainage in bottom of pot like clay pebbles or grit to stop soil becoming soggy and allowing extra aeration to roots

Time to pop some more beans 😗


I started using Ecothrive Charge and Biosys this grow and plants seems to love the stuff, indoor and outdoor, Coco and Soil, I'm going to try the whole range of their stuff in the future. 


I use Charge & Biosys Tea on all my grows, I sprinkle a handful of charge about 3/4 way down the pot and weekly Biosys Tea in pot sizes from 18lt (Canna Terra) to 25lt (Sohum)...decided to give Life Cycle a go as stocks of Sohum in the UK are Life Cycle & Charge went into the Sohum, along with a weekly Biosys Tea, in 25lt and they grew the Percy beans...I got between 4 1/2-6oz each from the 4 plants

Currently I have recycled the Sohum again with Life Cycle & Charge and the WSE Sexxpots are in it Smile

These are in 50lt tubs though

My usual water to pot ratio is 2 ltr every 2 can usually tell by the weight if they need watering


I've just set 2 seedlings in 3gal pots of re-used canna (I washed with cannazym after grow to remove salts) amended with lifecycle & charge.

The pots are defo on the small side but ill just topdress as required. I didn't have enough soil for bigger pots .


I'm going to write a diary of this grow so I guess you'll be able to see how the products are working for me there!

(Charge, lifecycle & biosys) - i do also have 40L of ecolife premix coming for an additional 2 plants which I guess may perform differently to my own mix.


(Edit: the whole point of writing this post... -  I just successfully harvested a solocup with just canna and lifecycle. Tastiest blackberry kush i ever smoked)


I currently use this soil and only had a few issues which could have been avoided, I burnt the plants when I repotted into their final pots which were 45l and fed 4l of plain water. When I looked into why they had burnt it was because I had over watered and shocked the plants basically by flooding it with nutrients from the new soil. When your putting seedlings into this too I mixed a bit of ecothrive with canna soil to water it down slightly so it didn't burnt then. Had no other issues really so far 

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