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Questions First auto harvest timing


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Hi everyone.  I started my first auto seed end of April, it’s been outside since end of May.  It’s in full bud and trichomes are firming, but I feel like it’s going longer than I expected?  I counted out the weeks and thought I ‘should’ have harvested a few weeks ago.

 Do I just trust the trichome development, or is there some better way to calc the harvest date? 

Thanks in advance…

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Always best to judge it by the plant mate, the breeders time can be off by a couple of weeks. 

I’m currently near the end of my Auto grow and am two weeks over the Breeders given date, and might go a bit longer. As Macky says tho every plant is different. Enjoy the Smoke tho mate when you do Chop her down 👍

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A $20 USB scope from Amazon or a jewelers loop to check trichomes are your best friend.   When trichomes are all milky and seeing some amber, no clear trichomes, they are ready.  Goal is to get as many milky trichomes as possible.  Good luck 👍 

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