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New grower First flower - is it looking okay?


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Hello, I'm at the flowering stage of my first grow, just wanted to check in with some experienced peeps.

I'm growing bag seed in coco. I got sick at the beginning of flower and left it too close to the light for too long and it burnt some of the top colas.

It had I think a 2 month flower. I thought I saw amber in the trichomes, so I started flush about a week ago.

Anyway, any red flags or anything?




Love the podcast Smile /p>



4 Answers

Hi Steve & welcome to Percys Smile
Glad you're enjoying the show, we enjoy doing it...

Still a lot of clear trichs there, need to wait for those to cloud up, 5% amber is usually when I start flush...maybe a week or so left

cheers for the advice, yeah the plan was to wait for some amber before I started flush, I think I mistook some of the burnt ones for amber.

I've done a week of flush, if you were in this position would you resume nutes and start flush again when the trichomes are filled up? do you reckon the trichomes will get the good stuff without the nutes?


Nice looking plants mate, those trichs look good🤛 

Seems like you have a few ambers there, personally I'd wait until there are no clear anywhere (within reason) and about 50/50 amber to cloudy. It sucks having to wait, but it's worth it in the long run mate👍

Remember kids, if someone offers you drugs...
Say thank you.
Drugs are expensive!

cheers! didn't know what to expect, very happy it grew big and strong.

awesome, happy to wait a few more weeks, it's been a long run to this point. exciting times, didn't expect it to survive this long haha Smile


Give her another week or so should be sweet 


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some trichome pics (bit blurry, still figuring out how to use the digital doohickey)

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