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Question First time growing


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Hey guys! how are you doing?
it is my first time growing marijuana ever, because a friend told me that it is helping him with his knee pain and I want to try it too.
I am not the youngest or the birghtest so I want the easiest way to do it because I have seen that growing a plant perfectly is very time consuming and you have to really know how to do it.
I´ll buy the seeds in the dispensary next to my house so I´ll let the person working there guide me, but if you know any strain that can help me with my pains, it will help me a lot.
The biggest question that I have is about the grow cabinet, I have been searching the web and I´v found out that the cheapest automatic one is the Cabigro, and it says that it has an app to follow the procedure.
I am not used to buying online but is the only the only way due that I haven´t seen any place next to me that sells any automatic growing cabinet,
Does anyone has experience with this product or a similar one? Do you guys have find any cheaper one?
Thank you guys for your time!

4 Answers

Hi & Welcome to Percys Smile

I use Growers Choice - Brain Damage for pain in my knee & back, it replaced Tramadol with better results 😉

As for automated grow cabinet, hmmmm, lol...cant see much automation really, its a pump, resevoir and nutrients, can do that with a arduino for about $60

Just seems a hell of a lot of money for something that will get you minimal buds...much prefer a tent, light & fan...cheaper most definitley and able to grow MUCH better weed with a bigger yield, its not as difficult as certain fools would have you believe...If you get supersoil, you dont even need nutrients, just water

You can get small tents down to 60cmx60cm with a Mars TS1000, 2 plants no issues & maybe set you back $ spending $1800 for an Ikea wardrobe with a small 120w LED & 2 PC fans 😉

Sorry, dont like to see people getting ripped off LoL  

thank you very much, i will ask for that strain, yeah I asked in other forums and most of the people tell me that using an automatic cabinet will make me miss the experience of planting and growing, i guess it is an important part


I would say you need a indica rather than sativa. indica affects your body whilst sativa affects your mind more.

Indica will help with pain.

How much cannabis do you feel you require in a day? Have you already tried cannabis to help you?

Never brought a grow cabinet, but would sooner make one than buy one.

Its upto you weather to buy it or make it, buying it is much simpler, plus you have some sort of warranty etc.

Interms of growing, you would probably best off using True living soil (it's not your usual type of garden soil).

Using soil, like sohum soil brand or eco thrive soil means you just add water when needed, you may need to add some amendments to top soil once every few weeks.

If you go down the hydro ponic grow method route, it will require a lot more work and research to get a half decent crop.

If you end up using soil, or hydro, there is enough help here to get you to the harvest stage.

You did not say what the cost or brand of the grow cabinet was so cannot comment on cheaper or better, I dont have experience with them.👍


I don’t know the company you mentioned but did know of the “Seedo” cabinet and the multitude of people that got ripped off. Essentially they stopped doing software updates for the cabinet and the company ultimately folded leaving a huge mess. 
Guess what I am saying is that if you can’t conform decent customer service/back up maybe best to skip it altogether and buy a tent that needs no electronic updates to work. 

Best of luck whatever you decide. 

“That is not a drug, it’s a leaf.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



Posted by: @jobush

I´ll buy the seeds in the dispensary next to my house

Maybe try some strains from the Dispensary, and see what you like and what helps. As ZN stated, there is many to grow. But in my opinion, there isn't a real automated system out there anywhere. If there was a Bread Machine for cannabis,,, now that would be cool, and expensive. There are easier ways and more involved ways to grow, so ask away and see what's best for you. A tent, a light, and a fan, can easily be all you'll need a first. If you don't stick with it, fold it up and do whatever with it. But a cabinet is harder to fold up and stow away.  There's my 2 cents. I'm old too, and I'm stumbling through this shit without too many worries. You'll be ok, we'll help.                peace

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