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Questions Forced drug test at work

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Work have announced there gonna be doing drug and alcohol tests again due to high volume of utility strikes over the past couple months

It will be a mouth swab a sponge on a stick are these test something to worry about if so does any one know of any sure fire ways of passing one I'm not arsed about loosing my job but if one person fails the test the full gang gets the sack

I dont wanna be responsible for any lads loosing there job especially with is being so close to Christmas 

7 Answers

Will you get notice of the test?  Mouth swabs are fairly easy to pass. I’ve had to take 2 tests in the last 8 years and passed them both.

If you know when the test is going to be, don’t partake for 48-72 hours. Be sure you’re following proper mouth hygiene by brushing everyday and also use Hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash(don’t swallow it).

Mouth swabs are checking for recent “drug” use, whereas urine tests are checking back a lot further.  A mouth swab is a heck of slot easier to pass than a urine test 

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DrEvol DrEvol Topic starter September 30, 2023 5:11 pm

@growdad thanks man that's really helpful wish me luck


GrowDad GrowDad September 30, 2023 8:56 pm

Yah man. Definitely good luck. Like everyone else is saying in here, it’s absolutely BS you gotta go through this or anyone of that matter. What you want to do on your free time is up to you.  Best of luck, i’ll know you’ll keep us posted.  


Posted by: @drevol

I'm not arsed about loosing my job but if one person fails the test the full gang gets the sack

I would say this cant be legal... but its the UK.... they can do what the fuck they like nowadays. And drug testing becuase of strikes??? Makes no sense. Best of luck mate, Growdad seemed to know the score there. I would listen to him 

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DrEvol DrEvol Topic starter September 30, 2023 5:14 pm

@macky strikes as in hitting underground utilities bt gas street lights fiber optics etc.

And it's shit mate half the gangs a coke heads so there fucked if shit hits the fan and they all fail but these utility company's are getting worse there trying to pass fines on to the lads from councils and strikes got docked 100 quid last month the country is fucked 


Best of luck mate . Cheeky fuckers , growdads advice is good. 

I don't think it's legal for all the gang to lose there jobs if 1 person tests positive.  Definitely a case of unfair dismissal and I would take them to court .

Also there is a shortage of workers so I doubt they would be wanting to get rid of people so easily. 

But what a load of bullocks,  what you do outside of work is your business.  

DrEvol DrEvol Topic starter September 30, 2023 5:16 pm

@hashimoto it's 3 man dig teams so if one guy out of the gang tests positive the full gang gets the bullet it's a dying trade now no one can be arsed with the hassle and all the young lads ain't interested


Best of luck Evol is a piss take that mate, GrowDad has it right tho is definitely the easiest test to pass, is only testing for recent use, similar to the road side tests the police use. Just have a week off to be sure before hand and should be sound.

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DrEvol DrEvol Topic starter September 30, 2023 5:18 pm

@gelert thanks for the best wishes mate it's fucked up how they can dictate what you do with your free time because I choose to chill at home with some herb I'm looked at like a cunt don't know why I bother getting out of bed most days


Best wishes mate , the world of work has become a horrible place these days . I can empathise with you .

Hope it gets sorted . 



Yeah mate is a fuckin joke that they can decide to test you at the drop of a hat, had a similar situation my self recently so know how it can be, don’t let the bastards get ya down tho mate it’ll work its self out you’ll see, an you know Percys will always be there for ya. 

“ A society grows great when old men plant trees, in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Tall,dank, trees. “-Aristotle, apart from that last bit.


I'm in the United States and I know about random drug tests. At my employer, I can have a random test at any time. Our tests are urine tests. No saliva test option. I have what we call a "safety sensitive" position. I could walk in today and they can say "it's your turn". Where I work, the tester comes to our place of employment and they are usually there already once we arrive at work if it happens to be testing day. It's bullshit! I've only been randomly tested twice in 14 years, but it's always in the back of my mind. The state I'm in is now legal, but my job is federally regulated. Just my fucking luck. Haha. I guess the saving grace I have is if I piss dirty, they don't fire me for the first offense. They have you go see a drug counselor and are put out of work for 30 days. Then you are subject to random drug testing whenever they want for 5 years. Yep, 5 fucking years. I am hoping they will be bringing the saliva test here soon. Anyways, sorry for the "Macky" rant. Lol. Good luck to you and your crew. 

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