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Hey everyone!! So I just harvested a month ago I had a dry temperature in the low 70°F  I ended up with a hay smell .. they have been in jars for two weeks now.. I had a nice long dry and I’m still trying to figure out if there is a way to fix the the bud looks amazing and if you snap a bud open it smells dank AF. If anyone has any knowledge about this please please please help !!! 

thank you 

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You really just have to cure more i think mate.... can you tell us more about the drying process? How long were the buds drying for? If they dried too quick then the grassy smell may not go away, but you say you break it and it smells good, so i think just a bit more of a cure and ittl get much better over time, stay patient Smile

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Calibuds08 Topic starter September 9, 2022 10:14 pm

Yeah man I actually had a pretty good dry it was longer than 14 days until I got a faint snap on the stem I ended up having to trim them two weeks in and putting them on a dry rack because it was taking too long which was surprising because my humidity wasn’t that high.. so total dry time was 19 days.. I have some more in flower now so I’m going to get the drying Dialed in.. P.s if you ever have an opening on the podcast please let me know I have a lot of things and discussion topics that I would love to talk about. I’ve been listening to you guys almost every day for a couple months on my way to work and I absolutely love the show.



Ditto @Macky, a nice long dry of 8-12 days, closer to 12 the better. Then I'm finally burping longer 30 mins a day or more at first. Keeping them open will help them gas off, just check their humidity if you can. If you can't measure the humidity, then check the buds for being bendable and pliable, if so their still to moist, I'd let them gas off more with burping. If they get too dry, try adding a fresh leaf if you have one, to each jar and that will raise the humidity. It's taken me a few times to get it figured out and then it changes with the seasons. Glad it smells dank AF when you break it and works well, your getting there man!! good luck.  


Yep as others have mentioned it would be cure time at this point. The longer the cure the more the profile will develop. Usually the hay smell is chlorophyl gassing off, if dried too quickly it can trap that in the bud, so ideally you want it to dry over 10-14 days, for me I can get that happening with a wet trim and hang in a environment controlled tent, sometimes especially during the summer months I have to leave some plant matter on the buds to help the dry prolong, it takes a little bit of work and experimentation but once you nail down your dry environment you can dial it all in. The cure however is just as important as the dry, burping the containers and moving the buds around in the container will help, and shoot for at least 3-4 weeks of cure. 

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Calibuds08 Topic starter September 9, 2022 10:23 pm

Thank you so much man I really appreciate it 

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