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Questions [Completed] Grow Light for Seedlings

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Hey all.

Quick question about grow lights and seedlings. I’m just wondering if it’s worth putting my seedlings under a grow light? Usually I just put them on the windowsill until I move them into the tent. I’m just thinking because the days are so short at the moment (growing in the UK) whether it’s worth putting them under lights to stop them getting leggy? 

Sorry if that’s all a bit rambling! 

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

GrowDad GrowDad December 8, 2023 7:20 pm

@ru25co I use my grow light for seedlings, but I also need the heat from it. Light is about 20%(125W)

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Yea I always use grow lights for my seedlings, just make sure the lights not too bright or too close to them untill they get underway.

soon as they break through the soil I put them under the light, I might leave a dome on them for a wee while depending on how they look but I usually try to get them under the light as soon as I can.

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Uk grower here too in the summer I was starting in the window but in the colder months I'd definitely be putting them straight into the tent I would just keep light low to start off but that's just my thoughts I'm pretty new myself due for my first harvest in the next couple of weeks 🙌💚👊

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Thanks everyone! Grow light it is! Just waiting for my new tent and pots to arrive to put them in but I’ve got a temporary light I can use one they like their heads up! 

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