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Questions Harvest one branch early?

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So I got did with the last bag I’ve picked up while waiting for my NL Auto to reach the finish line. 

it’s meant to be lemon tree. Picked it up all excited after hearing it be mentioned maybe once or twice on the podcast. Brought it back and well…. I’m almost certain I have some PGR bud.


 I’m in week 5 of flower at the moment and some trichs are opaque but a lot are still clear. To save me smoking this shite would I be able to take a lower branch off now for some emergency medicine? or should I hold on and just use this as sparingly as possible until I can grab something else 




davetg01 davetg01 January 9, 2023 6:03 am

@beakerbongsnstonerthons  Looked up PGR and that sounds like sh*t.  All the more reason to grow.  

No recommend on whether to prune or not except to say I'd be tempted to do the same.  Id be more tempted if there were little popcorn buds low on the plant.

BubbleHok BubbleHok January 9, 2023 7:38 am

@beakerbongsnstonerthons Judging by the photo it could be PGR but usually its the lack of smell and trichomes that give it away. It would also be dense and not much bounce back when squished. Lastly it will usually give you a racy high and more than likely a sore throat and a headache. The abundance of pistils is a good sign of PGR but not the only sign and i have seen clean cannabis grown that is hairy AF. I wouldn't recommend smoking it if you aren't 100% sure its safe. 

As for taking a lower branch as a tester.... you can.....but i would advise against it unless its absolutely dire circumstances. The trichomes sound like they are only just finishing developing and you will loose terpenes and potency by quick drying (im assuming you would quick dry) the difference in 2 weeks between a plant that is almost done and one that is finished can be huge. But as i said if the situation is dire then it could be worth considering. The only thing i will say is that its a slippery slope once you cut that first branch off, it starts with one and then you continue to take more etc, if you have good restraint it can work but i would warn against it if you can source something else in the meantime.

BeakerbongsnStonerthons BeakerbongsnStonerthons Topic starter January 9, 2023 7:56 am

You know, making myself wait is going to be the better option over all I think. Thanks for that description of other PGR signs pal. 100% certain I’ve got some Rox or flowerbomb bud now. It smells like the day old kebab you usually end up leaving on the counter top after 8 gallon of ale and doesn’t actually have much of a high, or not one that sticks around long enough to enjoy anyway. 

be about 2 week until I can get another bag so the insomnia shadow people might pay me a visit but that sleep at the end of it will be great 😂

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I have some times taken a branch early. Imo It's way better then smoking that other crap. 

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