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Questions [Solved] Has anyone ever seen this?


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Hello Starry Eyes  

I need help if anyone knows something about these yellow scratches/ specks on my leafs.. Hardly me tying back a few leafs led to this but i have no idea what else it could be.

IMG 20210929 181313
IMG 20210929 181318
IMG 20210929 181343
IMG 20210929 181354

 I also noticed they are looking very wrinkled, i was thinking maybe over being in Veg too long or because i misted the leafs  once but was afraid to keep doing it incase it was too close to the light.

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Sorry for the speech i was never good at getting straight to the point Laugh  

Whoever said the best things in life are free, obviously was a member of HOHG🌱

Forgot to mention i have been using my 6.5ph water all along but last week i used rain water mixes with my water maybe i messed up there, also in regards to nutrition im using a easy boost formula for 12 weeks from royal queen seeds i used alot less than recommend so i hope its not a nutrition problem because the pellets are embedded at this stage.

2 Answers

Would there ever been any drops of water on the leaves? Iv had brown spots on my leaves a few times because of heavy handed watering and ended up with water on the leaves and the light burns the leaf under the water. 😉 

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Hiya Stootie! 

You're bang on, when i misted i went hardcore i remember seen the water on the leafs dripping down into the soil and thinking i done a good job and closed the door, poor girl about 3 inch's from the light Laugh     lesson learned! A light mist in future as always thanks Stootie!

haha Its very easy to do, iv still not learned my lesson but dont really worry about it anymore after I found out what caused it, turns out it wasnt my plant rotting like I first thought 🤣 rotting's maybe not the right word but I thought it would be something nutrient

Hopefully thats all thats been wrong with your one aswell, If it doesnt get worse you'll know 😉 👍 

You're right as long as i don't have root rot or some nutrition thing because they will be out of my control but now i feel its a weight lifted off my shoulders now because i do think that was what happened! Il keep a eye over the next few days and make sure that doesn't happen again! And yes i have been really lucky so far, long may that last with me 🙏🙏😂 Thanks Stootie 🌸


Hi Drea- 
Not sure about the spots, one of them looks like there was a little scrape injury. The Wrinkling Old Skin look on the leaves I had recently, for me it was a humidity issue. I added a cool mist humidifier to the mix, and got the HR up in the grow area and the leaves looked way better in just a few hours. 

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Hey Mr Kryton, maybe you are right actually my home is very very dry i will need to up my humidity more, Macky said that to me ages ago and i used a bowl of water but it didn't seem to use any of it so i took it out again, im gonna try it now that its dryer it will probably work! Thanks for the advise you helped me alot 🙏🙏

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