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First c

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First coco grow. Any assistance/advice  on discolouration and browning tips? Wish I’d stuck to soil, but hoping end reward will be more fruitful. Feed cal mag and one part mega crop.  Many thanks 

Macky Macky May 23, 2023 7:20 pm

@crippypiff Please be more descriptive with thread titles mate.

Can you tell us more about the grow? How much of what are you feeding, are you checking ph and EC? 

Crippypiff Topic starter May 23, 2023 7:25 pm

@Macky FYI love the podcast avid listener. Sorry still a noob when it comes to growing. Feeding quarter dose of cal mag and MC. PH is 5.8, without EC meter at the moment, should arrive over the weekend. Currently 12days, what PPM should I be aiming for? Many thanks 

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Posted by: @crippypiff

Sorry still a noob when it comes to growing

It's all good man, we all start out as a beginner 😉 It's just beneficial to everyone if you title the threads more descriptive so we know what we are looking at before we get in here. 

Looking at this plant, I would say it is one, overfed, but only by a littler, and two, too cold. The water is staying in the medium abit too long and causing algae to grow on the perlite. That would tell me its too cold in there. Try pick the heat up a bit more, aim for around 26c. Lighten the feed a little. 

How many ML per litre, of what food are you using? 

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Crippypiff Topic starter May 23, 2023 8:24 pm

@macky thank you for the input. Makes sense. I’m using mega crop which comes in powder form so not certain on ML per litre, I’ll  hit the drawing board and work out specifics. Will crank up the heat and reduce nutes a tad. Appreciate the advice. Keep on fighting the good fight Fist Bump


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