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Questions help please

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hello everyone. if you have seen my earlier posts you will know that i am doing a very cheap grow. up until now i have used mostly fish tank lights but last week i nicked £62 from missus and bought a mars ts600 light. what i want to know is, looking at my pics, will i get any bud and if so how much longer will it take to be ready for harvest? please expand the pics and check the reply for a pic of the whole plant.

thank you ivor


Macky Macky August 3, 2023 3:28 pm

@adiv There are no pics and the title doesn't tell us much about the thread mate....

adiv Topic starter August 3, 2023 3:44 pm
20230803 143331
20230803 143323
20230803 143317
20230803 143310
20230803 143303
adiv Topic starter August 3, 2023 3:53 pm

2 emergency blankets for the walls in my 20 Inch by 20 inch cupboard. up till a week ago just fish tank lights, baby bio for veg and tomorite for flower. then just about a week ago used a mars ts600 for light. will i get any bud (looking at pics) and if so how much longer been twelve weeks so far. plant is gorilla cookies auto.

Philmebowls Philmebowls August 3, 2023 4:03 pm

@adiv wow!  it looks like your still in a early stages of flower for twelve weeks . The normal is anything from7-13 weeks (if I remember correctly) but because of the first lighting system I think it’s delayed. Now with a proper system you should start seeing a change. But it looks like you might be maxing out in height.

adiv Topic starter August 3, 2023 4:23 pm

Philmebowls Philmebowls

thanks mate, yes slow start lol but yes it grew to over 4 foot so i bent it down (massive bend) but it still lived. i still need an answer to my question, will i get bud and how much longer? before harvest

BackBlast BackBlast August 3, 2023 4:33 pm
@adiv I once tried to grow a plant under a old 1980s T12 Magnetic Ballast light. I got buds but when I flipped to flower I had to change the bulbs from a “cool” to a “Hotter” spectrum light bulb. In my opinion with that new light you will see that those buds will look less reVeg and more bud formation. So my opinion is yes you will get buds 👍🏻
adiv Topic starter September 10, 2023 6:45 pm



hello guys, just a catch up on my gorilla cookies and my new problem. i live in a council flat, 1 bedroom and very tiny. next wednesday i have a man coming from the council, to check for any improvements including measuring evrything including my grow cupboard. so that plant in the latest pics will have to be chopped down, stuffed into a big bin liner and put in the car. so the problem is, it is not ready yet, hardly any trichomes and only about 40-50% of pistols are brown. once the guy is gone, i'll hang it in the grow cupboard to dry. once dried and cured, do you think any or some or most of it, will it be any good?



Macky Macky September 10, 2023 7:13 pm

@adiv you sure you have to chop it? Cant it go in a box and into the back of your car? Like a big moving box or something? Try whatever you can to make sure you dont harvest too ealry. Have you considered calling who ever is coming round and telling them your on holiday this week, come again next week? There must be other options?

adiv Topic starter September 10, 2023 7:47 pm

hello Macky, i have already put off the council man for 2 months lol. the other thing is the plant is massive and fills the whole cupboard, the light is 50 inches high and i had to bend down 5 large colas because they grew up past the light. the other thing is, i won't be able to get it out of the cupboard without doing a lot of damage to it. i will though explore the possibility of just chopping the top half off and bagging and trying to get all of the bottom half including pot into another bag. i was thinking about doing that anyway to try and ripen the bottom parts of the plant after cutting the top half off to dry.

mitsos mitsos September 10, 2023 7:47 pm

@adiv I agree with macky, don't chop it, buy a plastic airtight barrel and put it in.

monkeydo monkeydo September 10, 2023 7:59 pm

@adiv have you considered hiding it into a wheelie bin and putting it out of the way till the inspection is done. It’s not ideal but hiding it unchopped might be preferable. Just thinking about options 


adiv Topic starter September 10, 2023 8:22 pm

thank you very much for the replies guys haven't got a wheelie bin but with the plant being 50" high and prob 30" in diameter i wouldn't be able get it into one without massive damage. i'll come back thursday and let you know what happened.

adiv Topic starter September 14, 2023 4:02 pm

hello guys, what a crazy day. ok so i first of all yesterday, i cut (sawed some) all of the branches off the plant and put them in a bin liner and put it outside. i tried to pick up the bottom half but it was much too heavy.

so today when this man came and i said do you want to go in the bedroom, he said no, so i could have kept my plant to complete. anyway, i have now hung to dry but not enough room on the clothes rail so i put all the best-looking stuff there and all of the rest in a brown carrier bag. from the bag i nicked a tiny 4inch branch and put in the microwave for 2 mins, chopped it up and have been wacked out all afternoon. can't wait till 6 weelks time when i can try some from the top.

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Yes, you will get some bud but it’s still a long ways away, I’d say 6 weeks or more because of the late start. More light is a very good start and you’ll need to do some pruning of the lower growth once you’re sure all the stretching is over. You can salvage it but it isn’t going to be pretty. What are you doing for ventilation. The plants like fresh air and airflow helps you prevent bud rot later on.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

adiv Topic starter August 3, 2023 6:09 pm

@monkeydo thank you everyone that have answered me. for vent, i have 3 4" pc fans running constantly at the bottom, and i keep the cupbopard door open most of the day with a powerfull floor standing fan on full, pointing at the cupboard for most of the day so plenty of vent. i water every day with 2lts plain water one day and 2lts of water plus tomorite every other day. also i water with chempak which is 12,5-25- 25 quite strong i fink now and again.

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20230803 143303

first of all, a big thank you for everyone here that have tried to help me, thank you.

so i need help now. i am thinking about destroying my plant, and this is why. the colas at the top look pathetic and on the rest of the plant i am not sure, but is it normal for the stems leading to the colas are all red !, is that normal and looking at the plant do you think i should ditch it?

it seems withered to me.

thank you


20230803 143317
20230803 143331
20230807 162519
20230807 162534


Philmebowls Philmebowls August 7, 2023 6:05 pm

@adiv The red could be genetics but if your dead set on terminating them just plant them out side (night time) somewhere and let Mother Nature deal with them . Maybe they will bounce back and give you gifts and you won’t feel bad about it.


Your biggest issue is the rough beginning that the plant had. You can't go back and undo the past so it's time to keep moving forward. Your plant isn't going to be a beauty queen but like we said already, you can get something from it if you continue, we can't estimate how much though. The quality most probably won't be fantastic, but it can finish and be used. If you start over you are about 4 months from smokable bud, 3.5 months at bare minimum. Only you can make this decision and we will try to help you whatever decision you make. There's no right or wrong decision here, only your decision.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

adiv Topic starter August 10, 2023 5:51 pm

@monkeydo great advice thank you. i am carrying on with it and have another question, sorry. ok i have hundreds of pistils all over with maybe half a doz turning brown, but not one trichome to be seen. i stopped giving fertilizer a week ago but was giving it tommorite (4-3-8) should i give more? i also have chempac (12.5-25-25) should i give it some of this, or shall i just carry on with water only of which i give the plant 2lts a day sometimes twice a day?

just a recap, it is gorilla cookies auto and it is and has always been under 24hr light. 2 or 3 times i turned off the light at night but it seemed to make the leaves droop.

thank you, ivor

adiv Topic starter August 10, 2023 5:58 pm

@monkeydo ps. the first grow that i ever did was under 2 2ft fluorescent tubes that ran for at least 10 years in my shop and prob another 10 years in the factory from which they came, with no fertilizer whatsoever and occasional watering and it turned out a brilliant plant lol, i suppose you could say a super super organic plant.

monkeydo monkeydo August 10, 2023 6:15 pm

First thing I’d recommend is switching the light cycle to 18/6 or 20/4 timing. Even with autoflower plants the dark cycle seems to provide benefit to the plant and you’ll save a little electricity too. The drooping leaves is just the plant taking a break, sleeping sort of. It’s a very natural and healthy cycle for the plant. If they don’t perk back up in the light, you would have an issue to fix. A few browning pistils are normal, a lot going brown early on isn’t. At this phase of growth you want to limit the nitrogen input in favor of potassium and phosphorus so lower first number and higher last numbers. Be careful not to over feed her or it can burn the plant and stunt the buds. Although I don’t see any new pictures this post, the last ones showed you entering bloom so I’d switch to using the 12.5-25-25 nutrients on every other watering alternating water only and nutrient solution dropping out the 4-3-8. The every other cycle seems to work well for cannabis in soil. Start the nutrient at only 1/4 the label recommendations as the instructions are always very high and cannabis likes a lighter nute load. If any deficiencies pop up you can increase the nutrient load later on. Your input water/feed should be at Ph about 6.8 for best response. If it’s too far out of the acceptable range of Ph 6.5 - 7.5 (6.8 optimum) the plant won’t be able to feed properly.


Going full organic water only I’d fantastic but you have to do the planning in advance when you’re sourcing your soil. Not a lot of soils are truly water only, but there are some good ones out there 

adiv Topic starter August 11, 2023 4:01 pm

@monkeydo thanks again mate, great advice and i am following it. watered today with a weak solution of 12.5-25-25, and bought a digital timer from morrisons that i have set for 6 hours of darkness. i was gobsmacked that the timer was only £7.50, that's amazing for morrisons.

the big news is i have trichomes at last. a few new pics, i don't think it will be long before harvest. i suppose i have to get a *60 loop now.

adiv Topic starter August 11, 2023 4:14 pm

@monkeydo pics

20230803 143310 (1)
20230803 143300 (1)
20230803 143317 (1)
20230803 143303 (1)
20230803 143331
adiv Topic starter August 11, 2023 4:19 pm
monkeydo monkeydo August 11, 2023 4:42 pm

Very nice. At least all your efforts won’t be unrewarded. You’ve learned a lot from this run that you can apply to your next one. I still remember my first time, no pictures as I was way too paranoid. Yield sucked but it proved to me I could do this

adiv Topic starter August 17, 2023 12:51 pm

@monkeydo ok guys, still no trichomes apart from the odd few! i am thinking about going back to 24hr light, at the mo it is on 18on 6off and water one day and the 12.5 25 25 the next. i am wondering if i should use the fertilizer every day.

adiv Topic starter August 18, 2023 9:57 am

@monkeydo ok, i am a plonker, a panicker. just got a *60 loop and after a long time to work out how to use it (took my glasses off) there are millions of trichomes but they can only seen with the loop. i didn't realize it actually has to be placed on the leaf. so panic over. i am picking of hundred of leaves that have gone yellow and have brown spots on them. also no weed smell yet. anyway, i have learned a lot especially to make sure to top (as the plant is now 5 feet tall and growing above the light) and lst, so once this is done, i have another auto seed, critical, that i will hopefully grow properly. Although I have done 4 grows before, this is the first proper grow.


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