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Question Spraying buds with bonide copper spray


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I sprayed my buds with copper spray it's still got a few weeks left till harvest and it been 3weeks since I sprayed I picked an early one and I swear I'm tasting metal about 3 hits in I can't tell if it's early tasting or metal any thought besides not spraying a plant I know was losing everything maybe bud washing🤷‍♂️

3 Answers

Damn bro, why did you spray them?

You should never spray the buds with anything if youre going to smoke them mate. Bud washing is a must but it might already be too late

dont smoke any more...... that metal taste is not cool 

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Maybe it’s just early if copper is the case I’ve screwed up my whole year I think I need a drink


Man what a big mistake 

have you tried washing the buds? With just water? 

No I haven’t I’ve been going back and spraying them with a industrial sprayer so far three times it’s just hard to tell what I’m tasting I mean why would it taste good for 3 hits 

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Please be careful. Copper is toxic to humans if ingested. I have no idea about smoking it.

I believe it was a false alarm I’ve been drying in my hot ass truck at work they were cook n pretty good  I believe that was the taste and a little early I know it sounds odd think I’ll wash anyways to b safe 




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