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Questions How do you clean your chiller?

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Switched out my reservoirs and saw the hose to my chiller was funky. I can't imagine what's in the stainless tubing inside the unit.


How do you clean your chiller? Thanks!

WoodI2 WoodI2 February 26, 2022 3:04 pm

Morning @artmann, you need to switch the hoses. In is now out, and out is in. Mix up a 2-1 water and vinegar. I put a 1/2 gal white vinegar with 1- 1 1/2gal water. I put a submersible pump in a 5 gal bucket and hook it to the outlet on the chiller. Put the before mentioned solution in the bucket along with the other hose from the chiller inlet. So your doing a closed loop with this bucket of vinegar. Let it run for an hour or so.

If your chiller becomes clogged, I've taken it to the shower and hooked a 3/4" hose to the shower head hose with a hose clamp and blast it out. Then run the vinegar through it.

Installation of an in-line filter will help prevent this.            peace

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Thanks! Just what I needed!


Is it a counter flow chiller? If so A vinegar and water mixture. Bleach and water will work too. Run a lot of water afterwards to clear out the bleach. Lastly star San is what I used when I brewed beer and used a chiller 

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