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Sick Plant How long can a plant handle darkness?

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Im currently in a power cut 24hrs now and energy company saying possibly another day or 2 down ! Anyone been through similar and how did the plants react ?  

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If its autoflower it will be fine.

Ive had autos in the dark for a few days before, they did stretch quite a bit though, but they we're only 14 days or so old at that point..

A Photoperiod on the other hand might switch to flower and may even herm depending on how long it's in the dark.

I have zero experience with photos in that respect though so I could be very mistaken.

Hopefully you'll be sweet bro, fingers crossed for you 



We had a power cut a few weeks ago, it only lasted a few hours but I tied a torch above my plant so it was shining down on her, I dont know if it did any good or not but I thought it would be better than sitting there in the dark.lol

Are you ok for temp and things like that.

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Power restored ! phew the thought of another 24 hrs was killer!  ..veg tent  there was a good 2 inch stretch is a.couple.of.the biggest girls that are ready to go but all in all everything seems ok! Will be keeping an eye.out for nanna's in the big tent now ✌️💚

Mix Mix November 27, 2021 7:37 pm

Cool beans or warmer ones now 😆


Just for reference, I went as long as 5 days before without power. The plants were photos in flower so no issue with the extra dark. Harvest went fine, no hermies to be seen.

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5 days yikes good to know they are fairly resilient its just amazing plant al round 🌿✌️ cannabis is the best lol 


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