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Questions How much will flushing affect my other plant?


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I have 2 plants in scrog in an RDWC. One plant is at least a week ahead of the other and I'm seeing amber trichomes. The other has almost all milky trichomes but very few red/brown pistils and just isn't ready to harvest. If I run plain water for a few days to flush the ready plant, will it hurt the other plant much? I'd say the other plant has at least a week and a half to two weeks left.

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So when I watching the results of a study they done on flushing (migro YouTube channel) there findings were that flushing for up to 2 weeks prior didn't affect yield results or thc levels dramatically but testers preferred the taste of the unflushed buds 🤔 I terms of the pistil colour that's not a good indicator of ripeness always go off the trichomes you'll find some strains will keep producing new white pistils thought the flowering also with the flushing are you just dumping loads of water through or just feeding plain water as you would normally feed nutrients which I find Is the better way to go that's just me though 

The video was a while ago so you'll have to look through his videos if your interested 👌

Thanks for your response @mr_bud it sounds like I just need to do the standard 2 day flush then. I was going to test doing a longer flush but if it doesn't make a difference in flavor I won't waste my time. Flushing I replace all water with plain pH'd water and top off with the same as necessary. Just overnight it drank half a gallon. 

No worries it's preference mate personally I've always feed a week to 10 days of just plain water as I would normally feed nutrients as when I first started that was the thing you supposedly needed to for your smoke to burn clean but it's worked for me and I think it leaches out chlorophyll I think let us know how the final result smokes 👍


I don't know, but if your dating Siamese twins..... 🤣  

I wouldn't even know what to do with Siamese twins. Thanks for talking me off the ledge in PMs lol. Cutting the scrog and putting the ready girl in a separate bucket to flush. I'll get the drying space set up tomorrow or Friday.

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