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Questions [Solved] How too improve quality?


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Hey fellow growers, I'm now on my 3rd grow and I'm trying to improve the quality of my weed. 

Don't get me wrong my first few runs have been ok the effect has been fine an gets me stoned but the smell and taste is anywhere near what i get on the black market. 

The last run i done i really tried being patient with drying and curing but the final product wasn't quite upto scratch. Im finding that its smelling and tasting a bit grassy/hay. 

Taste is fairly important to me as i love the taste of it. I was thinking about adding another light. Will this improve things or is it mainly down to my drying and curing? 

Any advice qould be much appreciated. Thanks

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Almost forgot, whole plant hang dry including main stem-trunk to slow down dry, no open wounds to leak juices on to buds so no leaf stripping fan leaves before dry.

Also dry trim buds once dried and before curing, fresh chlorophyll juice from wet trim can taint buds. 

I never grow a plant, it grows me.


List the lights your using, also any nutrients and what and when and how you feed them........  people can give better advice then. Smile

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@Billy420Bonds thanks for your response. Im using a mars hydro ts1000, no nutes, im growing in ecothrive super soil and one run in sohum soil. I use rain water and usually water every 2/3 days or qhen the pots feel light. 

Im getting stoned off it but not got the "highgrade" taste if you know what i mean. Thanks.


What most of the guys said plus,

16-17 c 55 humidity as ZN said for 7-14 days.

Higher temps evaporate terpines, you will smell them as buds dry, but the more your smelling the less the buds have.

Strain has role to play, some terps just fuck off really easily, others have terps that linger to the end of time.

Pineapple flashes off fast as its flavour is made uo of lighter Terps.

Sesqueterpenes are the Terps that last till the last hit on a joint.

Pick a good strain.

Environment is key, have lowers temps last 2 weeks of flower to preserve temps, harvest before lights come on, keep lights at low intensity or just harvest with a room bulb 60 watt etc.

Once you dry, make sure it's not bone dry, stem crack technique. Then jar with digital humidity meter, you ideally want the humidity to start off around 62-65 % in jar. 

I prefer 65% so that I can burn it down to 62% naturally over a few days. Then you place a 62% boveda 2 way humidity control 65gram pack per 500gram and you keep it at 62% humidity, opening tub every few days to check and smoke buds, give the jar or tub a rotational flip to move buds around, just a 1 sec shuffle.

If the buds are 62-58% humidity level your bud is curing, 2 to 4-6 weeks and your bud will be perfect, nice all the way upto a few months, atleast 2 week to tell quality well.

Low humidity will kill your cure, excess humidity will kill your Terps.

Once dry below 57% humidity the cure stops and quality drops, rehydration is not going to bring any quality back.

Good luck, you will know if your buds at a good moisture content when you crumble a gram and you pile it up into a small heap, it falls over really slowly as the Terps are sticky, the taste and some of the high is in the terps 👍


I never grow a plant, it grows me.

Posted by: @turbotitch

Im finding that its smelling and tasting a bit grassy/hay. 

Down to the speed/temperature of the drying want around 16-17°C, total darkness and about 55% RH for about 12-14 days...any sooner and the hay smell will remain to a degree

I think this is some of my problem. I'm nearer 20c qnd its drying and going into the jars after about 7 days. I think i need to be a lil more patient lol.


Think drying as mentioned will play a big part here. Also how healthy the plant is at chop time you would think might made a difference. 

I’ve only grown Dutch passion and Growers choice so far, and have to say the growers choice beans seem to retain the smell better IMO.

Brain damage, I know everyone seems to be growing it at this stage, but honestly. It stinks growing, stinks in the jar and stinks when you smoke it. Bruce banner from growers choice similar, but not as much. 

From the DPs, I’d say Critical Orange Punch was heaviest on the nose, Mazar had a nice aroma too but nothing close to the Brain Damage 

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Thanks all for the responses. I definitely think my problem is I'm drying too quick. I reckon the drying an curing is harder than growing it😂😂

You could be right there mate, drying and curing are an art all on their own! 

  • Ye your getting the same answers from everyone man 9t litrally is the lower temp slower dry I had the exact same problem my first few grows buddy lower temp and humidity for me personally it's 10 days minimum look for a snap on the smaller but an almost snap on the larger

Sounds like it could be your drying technique mate, like ZN said, low and slow. How do the buds grind up? Are they a bit stringy? That can be a sign that the bud is still a little damp...

I don't think this has anything to do with the flavour but it may be worth checking the pH of your rain water.

Down here in South UK the rain pH is between 7.8 & 8.8. I use Eco thrive soil and buffer my rain water down to 6.2-6.8, the girls love it and produce good tasty bud. I'm under 5 X 65w photon LEDs. 

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I'll check the PH as i hadn't been. I'm mid South uk so my water will probs be similar ph. 


Minimum 10 days at 60f/60%rh, any quicker you will lock some of that clorophyl in and that hay smell/taste will be present. Try a longer cure for already harvested stuff, and next time you harvest try prolong that dry as long as you can. It's a fine line and you will be your own worst critic. I find if they dry too quick a boveda 2 way pack can help during the cure to slow it down a bit but the key is in the initial dry. 

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

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Cheers everyone i think its pretty  Unanimous that i need too get my drying conditions correct an slow down a little😂😂. 

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