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Humidity Lights off

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How do people deal with humidity spikes during lights off?

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More heat=less humidity...not always possible in hot locations though so for invented the dehumidifier Smile


I use an Inkbird humidity controller. I plug in my humidifier in one side and I plug in a 6"/15 inline fan with a 24"/60 carbon filter in the other.

The exhaust fan is my dehumidifier for the small stuff, but I live in swampy heavy humidity area and it's hard to remove it all. Now don't get me wrong, I know there's a lot of places much worst as far as humidity than me, and they deal with it.

But I'm at the end of flower atm, and I'm trying to reduce the humidity in my grow room, so I have a dehuey outside the room. That helps keep the heat out and lowers the RH in the room that I'm pulling air from.

I also have a second dehuey in the basement where the furnace is. So basically I have to keep the house sealed up, and lower the RH in the entire house for a week or so. I've tried the dehuey in the room and it's too much heat in the summer.

Now 3 months ago it was the complete opposite, it was dry as a bone, too dry, and I was in flower running a humidifier.  go figure

So the moral of the story is be prepared, for fcking anything. There's probably a better way, I'm just working with what I got.  Good luck @Rufio

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