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[Solved] I found mold


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FUUUUCK guys lol i found a tiny speck of mold on 2 buds. Luckily i found it in time ivr given it a check theres none left.. so ive decided to take the top big buds off as they are just about done anyways so no stress there but my question is is it ok to let the lower ones ripen more or shall i take em all off. Im not sure if cos ive taken some off will plant die.. thanks in advance guys 

Did you not upload some pics first? Are you sure it was mold? 

Unlucky mate seems to be going round alot recently I had some aswell but yea you can harvest the tops while letting the rest ripen alot of people do a partial harvest hopefully you can finish your grow off without anymore issues 

Its that time of year lads. Humidity and temps are perfect for mould. Just gotta keep the air moving and extracting it out of the grow room and you should be fine. But its just no easy to do as the plants get bigger. Mould season is nearly over lol, should be safer in a month or two 

it sucks when it happens. Chop the biggest first and dry them in low humidity for 2 weeks

You need to get a handle on the environment in your room

Yea macky deffo mold i could see the fur on the one bud n the one nxt to it had just started too so i quickly got rid of it. Yea i read on here not to fuk about with it just put it straight out. So ive got the rest just finishing off now n im checking 2 times maybe more just to make sure. Im glad i saved some tho thats wats left of that plant so as u can see i didnt loose much at all

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20210913 191803
20210913 191816


Naamk the weathers been really humid here the last week its not normally like this where i live. But im thinking maybe get a new extractor fan n another normal fan to blow air around. Ive got 2 in there but the one is smallish so il get another 12inch one 

4 Answers

Yea that should be fine mate, iv never done it before but iv heard other folk speakin about harvesting the top first then doing the lower buds later. 🙂 

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Yea i was pretty sure i saw someone on theyre diary here saying they had done it but i wasn't too sure so thought id ask. Thanks mukka

I did it to my Regs just day before yesterdy. Had no idea if I could/should but the tops were ready and the lowers still needed a little time, so I did LOL


Unlucky mate.. well done for the early spot though 👍 this has saved you potentially the lot ! Well done bro

as Stootie said it’s fine to take the main colas first and harvest the rest once it’s ripened up more .. keep checking for mould every day though and meanwhile lower your humidity as much as you can

good luck  Shirley boi bro 👍

Time to pop some more beans 😗

Pheeew !!! Thanks guys. Yea ive been going in every couple of hours n checking. Im so glad it was just the 2. Its crazy it never gets this humid where i live ive got windows open in bk room by tent aswell n ive never had this problem before but like u said lucky i caught it wen i did 


Mold is a pita, I will do a partial harvest if I dont have time to harvest the whole plant, I had to do my GSC that way because it was massive and I wanted the lower buds to finish ripening. However I was not fighting mold, with mold I will take the tops that are affected and about half foot of the branch down from the affected bud. I would not be leaving the rest to ripen if I was already finding mold, you have a very small window to save the unaffected buds but with mold I will scrap the plant, I just won't risk smoking mold. But partial harvest is fine, the only downside to a partial harvest is that you have to time your flush so she is fading out when you start but not dead when you finish. I find you have about a week to 10 days from the first tops being taken to when you should have the whole plant hanging. Check out my "big girl gsc" diary in the coco section, I detail how I do the partial harvest and have some pictures in there of the plant as I am chopping. Any questions just ask Smile

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

Thanks for this man i have been wondering if theres a time frame sk happy days n thanks again 


bad luck mate. You need to reduce humidity and look at filtering your in coming air. When you pull it all wipe the whole grow area with a weak bleach solution

Yea thats wat il do. Il give it all a good clean out wen these r finished. Luckily enough it wasnt too bad 

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